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How to Auto Reply Messages on WhatsApp Plus (Guide)

October 11, 2023 (2 months ago)


These days, when internet commerce reaches its limits and inspires us to trust in the viability of the future of virtuality, we are all aware of its possibilities. Everyone is attempting to move their entire firm online and give over control to an IT specialist. However, the majority of the chores, such as reacting to messages, may easily be automated without using a portion of your income to pay an IT guy’s wage. Yes, we sometimes fail to respond to clients’ communications because we are too busy with physical tasks.

Do you wish to automate that process starting now at the introductory level? What if I assured you that you could automate everything right away utilising a new WhatsApp version specifically designed for online businesses? That’s accurate, and WhatsApp Plus is the coolest programme that makes that possible. It’s a modified version of WhatsApp that still functions properly with the same servers, contacts, and user experience but ironically adds some significant benefits.

The benefit we’re discussing right now is Auto Reply. As we mentioned before, a robot online will respond to all of your communications without your physical presence and via an internet connection.
Additionally, you won’t even have to make a one-time or monthly payment there. To have the bot running properly on your WhatsApp handle, you only need to make a few easy one-time changes under the Auto-Reply area of WhatsApp.

Suppose you’ve made some settlements for anyone messaging you as mentioned below –

  • Message -> What’s the Subscription price?
  • Reply -> Thanks for asking Sir/Madam, it’s $100 a month, and you can pay with the below protocols.

In that situation, if someone messaged you in that fashion, they would receive the precise response after the time delay you had injected. Isn’t that incredible? If you enjoyed it and want to include it into your regular message cycle, then follow the simple instructions below to get started.

We have also created the coolest protocol for you to grasp the entire process of setting the auto responding strategy on WhatsApp Plus after taking the knowledge from the aforementioned video. The step-by-step technique walkthrough is below. It is the text step procedure.

  • Verify your account after downloading and installing the WhatsApp Plus application package from this link.
  • Return to the WhatsApp Plus site and click the three dots in the upper right corner.
  • Finally, an Auto-Reply option would appear on the list. ASAP click that.
  • Right away, by clicking the Plus symbol in the bottom-right corner, you may rapidly create a new Auto Reply message, which is what you need to do now.
  • You would receive a massive menu right away, where you would need to walk correctly. First, decide which message you wish to automatically reply to.
  • The option Reply if includes – Reply for any word in your selected message is available.
  • Respond solely to the message that has a whole similar sentence if the responses are equal.
  • Respond to every message – Constantly respond to every communication.
  • Next, pick the Auto-Reply message that will be sent to all of your messengers.
  • When you wish to respond to them, choose the delay period, such as how many seconds.
  • Select from Contacts, Groups, this Auto Reply’s traffic, or both.
  • As a last step, decide if you want to use this Auto-Reply service only during certain hours, contacts, or groups.

You have finished your part. Do all of your other vital chores while turning off the WhatsApp Plus app and leaving your internet connection active. Without taking a single second longer than what you inputted, the Plus bot would automatically manage your communications in accordance with your specifications. Have fun texting!

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