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5 Best Operating Systems For PC In 2023

October 11, 2023 (2 months ago)

We are in a technological era, with cutting-edge innovations being employed practically everywhere on the planet. The cutting-edge devices and technology of today are a marvel. “Computers” have also contributed to these marvels by enhancing the speed, simplicity, and entertainment of our lives. It is acceptable to argue that computers have revolutionised society and affected the development of Western civilisation. Compared to the past, when computers were large, heavy equipment, they are now more portable. However, despite the fact that people discuss computers often, they seldom even mention how they operate or why they function in the manner that they do. Of course, the operating system, or OS, is the subject here.

The Top 5 Computer Operating Systems For 2023

Since the invention of computers, there has been debate about which operating system is the best. In this post, we’ll reveal the best five PC operating systems for 2021, as determined by their specifications.

Microsoft Windows

It is the world’s most important and well-known operating system. Since the release of Windows 95, it has powered computers all around the globe, and it is currently available in Windows 10/11/12. The ease of use and speed of operation of this system are its primary features.

The operating system is more secure now, and it will protect your data from viruses and hackers, according to the most recent upgrades. It is simple to use, offers a variety of choices when you press the start button, and lets you choose between two different user interfaces.

One is intended for use with a mouse and keyboard, while the other is tailored for tablets and touch devices. Windows also automatically reduces the size of system files to save up storage space.


It is an operating system built on the Linux platform and has every feature a user may want. Ubuntu is ideal for use in businesses, educational institutions, and at home. Its primary benefit is that sharing and using it are both free.

After installing the most recent version of Ubuntu, users get access to approximately five years’ worth of security updates and fixes. Ubuntu also comes with a built-in firewall and protective shield. It works flawlessly with all contemporary laptops, PCs, and other touch screen gadgets.

This operating system’s complete translation into more than 40 languages is another fantastic feature. Ubuntu is quite similar to Windows in that you can simply save, copy, and paste files.

Mac OS

It is one of the century’s most illustrious inventions and is compatible with all Apple products. It is the most inventive operating system of them all, and the most significant innovation always appears in the most recent version.

In recent years, MAC operating systems have been free, and updates are also provided without charge. Sadly, Apple consumers can only utilise MAC OS on their devices; they cannot test any other operating systems.

One of MAC OS’s key features is a dark mode that makes your device seem and feel more dramatic while still being easy on the eyes. It has a dynamic desktop that logically arranges the files according to type, date, or tag.

Now, users may download hand-selected apps from the MAC app store using their devices. New iTunes is now included with Mac OS, allowing users to search for music by entering new lyrics. On Mac OS, one may remain anonymous to prevent internet monitoring.


Another Linux-based system makes it difficult for Ubuntu’s open-source features to function. It is dependable, simple to use, and typically a capable OS that runs on all desktop and laptop computers.

The greatest option for those who use their computers only sometimes is Fedora, which can also meet all the demands of students, satisfy the interests of hobbyists, and manage the burden of businesses.

The user interface of this operating system is one of its key aspects since it helps programmers concentrate on their work. It features an open-source toolbox with a variety of tools, languages, and utilities that are only ready for a user’s instruction.

When all the features are considered, it is a good option for programmers and coders and is appropriate for a business setting.


UNIX-based OS Solaris was created by Sun Microsystems in the middle of the 1990s. Sun Microsystems was acquired by Oracle in 2010, and the operating system was given the new name Oracle Solaris. It boasts the most cutting-edge security measures and is more competent than any other operating system.

ZFS, D-trace, and the time slider are additional features. Process and user rights management are security features in Solaris that let users protect their sensitive data from intruders. It benefits java services, database administration, and is appropriate for quick online searches. It provides high-end performances without requiring any adjustments because to its scalability. It gives consumers the option of resolving countless hardware- and software-related difficulties.


Computers run on an operating system, which also enables users to carry out tasks at their leisure. The five operating systems described above are the greatest of all operating systems, even if there are many more that could work for you. All you have to do is choose and pick the operating system that best suits your requirements and makes you feel comfortable using it.

PC is by far your best option if you want to use your computer for gaming, but if you have an Apple device, your options are more restricted since there is only one OS, Mac OS, that you can use.

Linux and Unix-based operating systems must be the primary and main option for huge networks and companies. Whatever your requirements, choose your OS carefully by reviewing the list above. This article will help you go through your options and will undoubtedly aid in your selection.

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