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Why The Muslim Community is Boycotting TrueCaller And The Spotify App

October 11, 2023 (2 months ago)

Assalam Alaikum dear followers,

I welcome you once again to my website and express my gratitude for taking the time to read this article. Today, I deviate from our usual technology-related content to address an important matter that concerns our faith as Muslims. If you do not belong to the Muslim community, I kindly request you to respect our perspective and consider leaving this article. For my fellow Muslims, I invite you to join me in a righteous cause that will not only earn the acceptance of our good deeds by Allah but also grant us the intercession of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) in the Hereafter.

As Muslims, it is our duty to hold dear the sanctity of Islam, the teachings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, and the Quran, the divine book gifted to us by Allah. We must devote ourselves entirely to their honor and strive to embody their teachings in our lives. While I understand that discussing religious matters may not be the primary focus of this website, I cannot remain silent when it is time to speak out. My conscience does not allow me to ignore the insults hurled at the last words of Allah or refrain from utilizing the power bestowed upon me to defend our faith. I refuse to compromise my beliefs and the sanctity of the Holy Quran for worldly gains such as money, fame, or convenience. The sustenance we seek lies solely in the hands of Allah.

The Holy Quran reminds us, “Allah gives honor to whom He wills and disgraces whom He wills.” It is within His power to elevate and humble individuals as He deems fit.


Dear followers, you may have recently heard about a distressing incident that took place in Sweden. A Swedish citizen, with the permission of his government, burned the Holy Quran. While such acts of desecration have unfortunately occurred in the past, this incident has deeply saddened us. Today, I feel compelled to address this issue and express our collective grief. I understand that discussing religious matters may not align with the usual content of this website, but I cannot suppress my conscience or turn a blind eye to the insults directed at the sacred words of Allah and the revered Messenger, may Allah bless him and grant him peace. To the best of my ability, I will utilize my voice and platform to defend the sanctity of the Holy Quran and the honor of our beloved Prophet.

The incident:

Last month, a Swedish citizen, under the pretext of freedom of expression, burned the Holy Quran in public. This act, permitted by the authorities, inflicted deep pain upon the hearts of Muslims. The freedom of expression should never be used as a license to cause harm or hurt the sentiments of any religious community. While one may argue for the right to express opinions, it becomes imperative to consider the consequences of actions that provoke others to act against their religious beliefs or rituals. Denying the rights of Muslims and playing with their emotions undermines the principles of freedom and tolerance.

It is disheartening to note that this incident is not an isolated event. Actions that insult Islam, the Prophet Muhammad, and the Quran, as well as those that hurt the sentiments of the Muslim community, have been carried out numerous times in the past. Regrettably, no significant action has been taken against such acts on an international scale. Yet, when Muslims express their rightful concerns or react to these provocations, they are stigmatized, labeled as religious extremists, and subjected to derogatory slurs. This double standard and the unjust portrayal of Muslims as terrorists perpetuate harmful stereotypes and create an environment of prejudice.

PM Imran Khan addressing Islamophobia:

In response to these challenges, former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Muhammad Imran Ahmed Khan Niazi, courageously stood before the United Nations General Assembly and conveyed a powerful message. He questioned the lack of understanding among the people of the West, emphasizing that the love for the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) resides deeply within the hearts of Muslims. Imran Khan rightly highlighted that the pain inflicted on the heart is the most excruciating of all. As a result of his efforts, a landmark resolution was passed, designating March 15th as the International Day to Combat Islamophobia.

Despite these important steps, the United Nations has remained silent, failing to take action against the Swedish citizen who committed this heinous act of burning the Holy Quran in public. We must voice our discontent and demand accountability from the international community for its inaction.

Our commitment as Muslims:

Dear followers, as Muslims, it is our duty to resist oppression and defend Islam in any society where its sanctity is under threat. While the concept of Jihad encompasses various forms of struggle, in the current era of self-centeredness and materialism, we must utilize all available means to fulfill our responsibilities.

The first step in Islam is to directly confront oppression. However, when this approach proves insufficient or the oppression intensifies to a level that cannot be halted by direct action, we should utilize our tongues to condemn it. If even that becomes challenging, we must hold the opposition in our hearts, recognizing it as evil and unacceptable. In line with these principles, our first step in responding to the situation at hand should be to boycott two popular Swedish-made applications available on the Google Play Store: TrueCaller and Spotify.

TrueCaller App:

TrueCaller is an application that provides caller identification for unknown numbers. While it may seem useful, it is essential to understand that this app compromises our privacy. It stores all the contact lists on our mobile phones and sends this information to its servers, enabling it to display the names associated with our saved numbers to other users. Such an intrusion on our privacy is unacceptable. As Muslims, it is our duty to raise our voices against applications developed by countries with anti-Islamic sentiments. I urge you to delete the TrueCaller app from your mobile phones and encourage your family members and fellow Muslims to do the same. Additionally, report such applications to raise awareness.

Spotify App:

Spotify is a widely popular music and podcast streaming application available on various platforms. While it offers a vast library of songs and podcasts, it is crucial to note that this app is also developed by Sweden, the country where the desecration of the Holy Quran occurred. I urge you to delete Spotify from your mobile phones and express your concerns in the app’s comments section. It is high time that the Swedish government takes strict action against the perpetrator of the Quran burning incident to provide solace to the hearts of Muslims.

Demands from the Pakistani Muslim community:

In light of the desecration of the Quran with government permission in Sweden, we, the Pakistani Muslim community, strongly condemn this act. We call upon the Government of Pakistan to register a resolute reaction to this incident. If necessary, organize protests across cities to convey our discontent. It is imperative to expel the Swedish ambassador, sever diplomatic relations, and institute a complete boycott of Swedish products. We demand that insolence at an official level be met with an appropriate official response.


Dear followers, in these challenging times, we must stand united as Muslims, upholding the sanctity of our faith and defending our beliefs. Let us respond to oppression with resilience, using our voices and actions to uphold justice and protect the honor of the Holy Quran and the Prophet Muhammad. May Allah guide us and grant us strength in our collective struggle.

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