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The Top 10 Call Blocking Apps For All Devices

October 11, 2023 (2 months ago)

Nowadays, it’s common to be scammed online. Hackers and spammers exploit users’ private data to extract money via phishing or extortion. Many people have complained about getting spam calls or strange SMS messages with links that, when clicked, take them to a regular website.

We took this issue seriously and conducted research to protect our blog readers from online scams by compiling a list of the top 10 call blocking applications for Android smartphones. The top call blocker applications listed below provide a wide range of capabilities, such as calling back, marking incoming calls as spam, and either automatically or manually deleting them.

The way technology is developing, it is quite beneficial for everyday users and corporate profiles to protect their devices’ privacy. The customers may choose from any of the call-blocking applications on the list, which were created by the top professionals in the field. We are including all of the applications’ advantages in one article since we are unable to discuss them all in separate blogs.

Benefits Of Call Blocker Apps

Protecting people from internet fraud – Lack of knowledge about internet frauds makes them easy prey for con artists. The top call filter applications are really useful for people in this situation. The call blocking application flags the shady phone numbers as spam. The call blocker applications’ active users identify the number as suspicious or spam so that other users are on the lookout.
Avoid telemarketers and other opportunistic callers who could be following you on social media. You may prevent such people from phoning you and block them. Call-blocking applications must be present in your app drawer since they also protect you from online bullying. Additionally, there are certain callers you wish to avoid speaking with, in which case call blocker applications might be of aid.
Alternative default dialers – You may become used to the phone dialers that come standard with your smartphone. For the users, switching to a different dialer can be a wise choice. By employing the call blocker applications dialers, you may give your dialers a new design.

Best Android Call Blocker Apps


Join the over 12M user community and use the Call Control app to defend yourself from scammers. It is an effective programme for blocking calls that protects you from scams and spam. The app contains an Enhancer Caller ID tool that can identify an incoming call from an unidentified number. With the app’s wildcard function, you may block any phone number or area code. You can track down possible threat calls via reverse phone lookup.

Additionally, SMS, MMS, and photo communications may be blocked by the programme. When you don’t want any calls, you may turn on the DND (Do Not Disturb) mode. The blocking parameters may be tailored to your preferences. The Call Control app has additional beneficial functions, which is why we heartily recommend it to users.


  • Mode of disconnect
  • Customised blocking options
  • Mode DND

Download Here


The You Mail app is a prominent contender on our list of the best call blocker apps since it provides personal and professional services to users. The software gives the company a second phone number that can be used to separate personal and business conversations. Professionals may handle all of their voicemails centrally using a single mailbox.

The software provides individualised call filtering settings for users to stop spammers and robocalls. In order to determine the identification of unknown numbers, the software does a reverse search. To save time, you may answer robocalls and spam calls using cloud-based voicemail.


  • both a personal and professional use
  • digital voicemail
  • Further phone number

Download Here


Hiya (Premium Unlocked) v13.0.0-10114 MOD APK

Hiya Caller ID & Block is one of the top call blocking applications since it provides users with special features. If you want to confirm the legitimacy of an unknown number, you may do a reverse phone search of your contact list. Unwanted phone numbers may be sent straight to voicemail. Additionally, you may alert your community members about annoying or fake phone numbers.

The software can instantly identify undesirable callers and provide you notifications to steer clear of them. If you make Hiya Caller ID your default dialer, you may see the new numbers’ pictures in addition to their dialling patterns. The app’s basic appearance will undoubtedly appeal to consumers.


caller identification in real time
Reverse phone lookup Spam number flag

Download Here


The users of Showcaller have access to a variety of call blocking alternatives. One of the greatest call blocker applications, it has a call blocker, smart dialer, phone number search, and call recording. An intuitive caller ID software can provide the identity and location of unidentified numbers. By blocking spammers’ and undesired callers’ numbers, the call blocker may route calls to voicemail.

The app’s offline functionality makes it a more useful call blocking tool. You can give your default dialer an energising makeover with the Showcaller app’s T9 dialer. The software also has a call recorder that allows you to capture calls in HD quality. You may thoroughly search through your contact list using the Smart Search tool to find the undesired phone numbers.


  • user-friendly dialer interface
  • a call recorder

Download Here

Mr. Number – Caller Id & Spam

The last app on our list of the top call blocker applications is Mr. Number, an app by NUMBER that has received positive reviews. Telemarketers or private numbers may be blocked and sent to voicemail. By putting telemarketers and spammers on notice, you may assist the community’s members. To stop telemarketers from calling, you may also block a certain location’s pin code and phone number. You may read the comments section for further information on possible threats and spammers.


  • intercept personal phone calls
  • Block pin number
  • Examine comments

Download Here


Tcaller (Premium Unlocked) 13.12.5 MOD APK

Since Truecaller app is one of the oldest and most recognisable brands in this market, it doesn’t need to be introduced. The Truecaller app offers top-notch blocking and spam detection. To protect you from danger, the software can recognise and prevent telemarketers, con artists, and fraudsters. The fact that you can report spam to the community in real-time is the finest feature.

You get a call recording tool that allows you to log previous calls. You may backup your call history, messages, and blocklist names to your Google Drive account with the aid of Truecaller. Additionally, you can recognise and block undesirable SMS messages to protect yourself from any danger. Additionally, you may talk with your loved ones or choose the Truecaller app as your default dialer. Another useful tool that people may utilise to deliver messages quickly is flash messaging.


  • choices for advanced call blocking
  • superior spam detection
  • Real-time reporting of spam

Download Here


CallApp Full (Premium Unlocked) 2.078 MOD APK

CallApp is a caller ID and call recording software that offers customers a wide range of blocking options. You have the option to block, flag, and learn more about unknown numbers. On the identify callers tab of the programme, you can also search for the Facebook profile image of the spam numbers. To block the unknown numbers, you may do a reverse phone lookup and search. Personalised Calling Analytics is one of the features of the most recent app version. It helps you become aware of your calling habits.

Automatic Call Recording, or ACR, is a function of the app that enables high-quality call recording. Additionally, the CallApp has the ability to automatically block unfamiliar numbers that can pose a security risk. With the CallApp, you can easily customise and manage your address book.


  • Page to identify callers
  • Backwards search
  • Individualised call analytics

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Should I Answer is an app that may let you block any obtrusive calls. Telemarketers, spammers, and unauthorised numbers may all be easily blocked by the app. Simple alerts may be put up for unknown numbers, and you can also remove them from your contact list. The finest feature makes it the best call blocker software since it can block premium-rate and international numbers. To improve the user experience, you may also use this app as a fully functioning default dialer.


  • Make alerts
  • Delete international phone numbers
  • full-featured dialer

Download Here


Call Blocker UK may be one of the top call blocking applications on our list with millions of users and over 4M registered and recognised phone numbers. International, secret, private, and unidentified numbers may all be blocked with a single click. You may determine the veracity by thoroughly investigating an unknown number in the database. The Call Blocker UK app may help you defend against the most prevalent frauds.


  • Block foreign phone numbers
  • Defend oneself against con artists
  • Block personal phone numbers

Download Here


Use the Call Blocker app to block calls and texts and get rid of all the undesirable phone numbers. It is an effective call blocking tool that can quickly recognise and prevent robocalls, telemarketing calls, and spam calls. You may send SMS using the app’s fully functioning in-built messenger and ban any questionable ones. It is a free software with in-app purchases that allows users to access more useful features.


  • embedded messenger
  • Delete invasive calls and SMS

Download Here


Sell data do call blocker apps?
The terms and conditions of the applications must be read before installation.

Can I use Call Blockers App to conceal my name from others?
The majority of applications already have your name in their database, but very few apps let you disguise your identity.

Do these programmes’ user interfaces include advertisements?
A select few applications offer premium subscriptions that remove the advertising and unlock additional functionality.

Last Words

Our thorough post on the top call blocking applications can help you defend yourself from internet scammers. We would advise customers to try out the flexible call blocking applications Truecaller, Showcaller, and You Mail. Other useful call blocking solutions for consumers might include the apps Call Blocker and Hiya ID. Additionally, you may leave a comment below and let us know about your choices and recommendations.

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