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How to Change Emojis on WhatsApp Plus (Emoji Variants)

October 11, 2023 (2 months ago)


Since there are over 200 billion planets in our Milky Way alone, and millions more Milky Ways like it, there are untold numbers of habitats that you can’t even imagine. Who cares if we already have some incredible aliens added to the Emoticons (Emojis) section of the WhatsApp app on our phones? In the past, only special characters like hyphens, colons, and commas could be used to create faces.

Nevertheless, there are presently more than 200 distinct emoticon designs and over a hundred different face types that we may send to our pals. We won’t need to write “Earth” any more since we can send emoji in its place. Likewise, we won’t need to send “Kisses” because we can send emoji instead. But the real work begins when we become tired of the typical emojis and desire for some unique designs that haven’t yet been discovered.

WhatsApp’s official app merely provides you the same common emoticons and they haven’t updated their collection for a long. But you can always try Latest WhatsApp Plus if you enjoy updates and various emoji designs. Seven distinct emoji variations are included in this excellent WhatsApp MOD version, including iPhone and Facebook styles as well as Old WhatsApp and other variations.

Simply put, you are receiving all of those emojis in new, astounding forms that you have never experienced before. Imagine you want to use Android-based smartphones to access iOS-style emoji.

The main fun is already inside the RARE, so the ordinary doesn’t have any to offer! If you want to experiment with uncommon WhatsApp emoticons to impress your pals, you’ll need the straightforward Android programme WhatsApp Plus APK and a straightforward process like the ones outlined in the instructions below.

  • WhatsApp Plus is the first step in the process. Quickly download the app by clicking here.
  • Install it after that, then go into WhatsApp to confirm your account.
  • Go to the WhatsApp Plus homepage now and choose the three dots in the upper-right corner.
  • When you select Plus Settings from there, a list of options will appear shortly.
  • Open the Universal tab as soon as you find it.
  • Open the Styles (Look and Feel) section now by going to the page for universal settings.
  • The list of six emoji designs would then appear, including WhatsApp, Old WhatsApp (iOS), One, Facebook, and Android O.
  • Choose one of them, and the download process would begin shortly after.

When you download WhatsApp Plus, you’ll experience something special that no one else can through any instant messaging programme ever created. We have tried the MODs for WeChat, Skype, and even Telegram, but WhatsApp Plus is the best tool for professional-level communication. Additionally, it gains renown after gaining this unique characteristic of six distinct emoji types!

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