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Download WhatsApp iOS Status

October 11, 2023 (2 months ago)


Many users of WhatsApp iPhone think there is an application that lets them download Whatsapp status from the app store. But WhatsApp doesn’t allow such applications on the App store because they violate the users’ privacy. Don’t worry we have a way to make you able to save WhatsApp status on iPhone, you can do that with the use of WhatsApp Plus or WhatsApp Watusi. Follow along to know how to save and download WhatsApp status on iOS15.

How To Save WhatsApp Status Without App In iPhone?

Before we get to the way on how to download Whatsapp status on iOS15, you need to download WhatsApp Plus for iPhone, go to: Download WhatsApp Gold iOS.

Open Whatsapp Gold for iPhone, Go to WhatsApp Plus settings > choose Status.

Activate the option (Show Download Button) this button will show up on your friends’ status on the left bottom, this will allow you to download any image or video.

Now when you open any Whatsapp status for your friends whether it is a video or image, you will be able to download it and save it to your iPhone easily.

When you click on the download button, you will have three options: Share Video, Save Video to Library, and Copy Caption.

You can apply these steps to download any status image or video. Go to your photo library and you will find the status you have downloaded.

Can I Download Status Saver For iPhone For Free?

Many users search for the Status Saver app, which is an application on the app store that allows you to save WhatsApp statuses, but unfortunately this app is paid and you can’t have it for free on iPhone.

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