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Download 10 Best Android File Manager Apps Alternative To ES File Explorer

October 11, 2023 (2 months ago)

Google Play Store is a centre for developers where they offer their greatest programmes, which we can all download for free or for a fee. We don’t know which are the finest Android File Manager applications these days, despite the fact that there are hundreds of file manager applications accessible.

Recently, ES File Explorer was busted for installing spyware on users’ devices, despite the fact that it was widely used and voted the finest file management programme throughout the years. But don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 Android File Explorer Apps alternatives to ES File Manager.

While the corporation has been accused of attempting to steal customers’ data on purpose, they have categorically denied this, leading many users to mistrust its continued usage. The application has been deleted and banned from the Google Play Store. People are concerned about downloading other comparable applications on their cellphones since it was a top-rated file management app for Android.

However, we have chosen the 10 top Android file management applications that would be the finest ES File Explorer alternatives in 2019. These programmes are not difficult to use and are comparable to ES File Explorer, as well as having equivalent functions; check out the characteristics of the file manager software and download it appropriately.

The Top 10 Android File Manager Apps

Remember that there are several Android file managers available on the Google Play Store that may be superior than ES File Explorer. We cannot include all of them in a single article since you will get confused. We are only publishing the top 10 applications that we have discovered to be safe and user-friendly.

1. FX File Explorer

FX File Explorer is the best of the Android file management applications that are fully ad-free. Although this may be a positive, it does not have a well-organized user interface, but it does offer a lot of complex functions. However, when it comes to privacy, FX File Explorer takes it seriously and requests your permission; it does not monitor any user’s behaviour or display any advertisements.

Download FX File Explorer

2. Amaze File Manager

Everyone is looking for a feature-rich file management software for Android these days. It is an open-source Android file management software that prioritises performance and enables FTP and SMB file sharing while providing a pleasant user experience. Amaze file manager is ad-free and free to download from the Google Play store.

Download Amaze File Manager

3. EZ File Explorer

If you are seeking for a better alternative to EZ file explorer, then EZ file explorer is a complete clone of it. Everything is the same, including the icons, user interface, and so on. EZ file explorer lets you to browse, copy, paste, and modify files on your Android smartphone’s root sector. It also has a storage analyzer, a built-in document reader, an app manager, and much more.

Download EZ File Explorer

4. Files by Google

A simple file manager software that allows you to move, copy, and organise files on your Android smartphone. Data by Google is a basic software that isn’t as powerful as ES File Explorer, but it’s worth a go. One of the finest benefits of this little programme is that it can automatically identify garbage files and notify you when they need to be removed from your device.

Download Files by Google

5. Solid Explorer

After ES File Explorer was withdrawn from the Google Play Store, Solid Explorer grew in popularity. It was always the top contender or a close second. Solid Explorer has a material look and includes all of the capabilities found in ES File Explorer. This programme may be downloaded and installed to provide a comprehensive replacement to ES File Explorer.

Download Solid Explorer

6. X-plore File Manager

One of the most sophisticated and complex Android file managers available in 2019, with a dual-pane interface that allows users to organise, transfer, and copy files from one window to another, much as on a PC. Aside from dragging and dropping files, it also supports cloud storage, root access, an integrated PDF reader, a file compressor, and much more.

Download X-plore File Manager

7. Total Commander

Total Commander is similar to X-plore File Manager in that it offers cloud storage, plugin support, file bookmarking, and other features. The app includes advertisements, however if you have a rooted device and an ad-blocker installed, you will be able to use it for a long time. Total Commander is one of the most popular dark mode applications for Android these days.

Download Total Commander

8. ASUS File Manager

The native file manager for all ASUS devices, which is also accessible on Google Play for other smartphones. This app’s user interface is well-organized, however it includes advertisements, which may be a disadvantage. Asus File Manager, like ES File Explorer, features a Recycle bin option that allows you to restore accidentally deleted files.

Download ASUS File Manager

9. Cx File Explorer

CX File Explorer is one of the finest and smallest file managers for Android, focusing on Network-attached Storage (NAS) access. It includes an easy-to-use interface that enables you to access your files from your smartphone to any remote storage such as FTPS, SFTP, FTP, SMB, and so on. You might also look at the best 5 FTP Client Apps for Android.

Download Cx File Explorer

10. ASTRO File Manager

ASTRO File Manager is widely renowned for its fast file movement between folders and cloud storage functionality. It also has sophisticated features like as a battery saver, user app uninstaller in batches, programme manager, and so on. ASTRO File Manager is a full suite for every Android smartphone and the finest ES File Explorer replacement in 2019.

Download ASTRO File Manager

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