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Five WhatsApp Features You May Not Have Known About

October 11, 2023 (2 months ago)


These days, a lot of people utilise WhatsApp, one of the greatest messaging programmes available. But did you know that WhatsApp has five secret capabilities that you were unaware of until now? We’re going to let you in on some tips that will make utilising it for daily tasks enjoyable as well as simple.

We provided some advice on how to determine whether someone has banned you on WhatsApp in our earlier piece. We hope that this essay was both educational and enjoyable for you. In a similar vein, we hope that exposing the six WhatsApp secret features would be beneficial to you.


One of the top WhatsApp secret features I have found so far, yet it has gone unnoticed up until this point. This option, which is crucial, is hidden away in WhatsApp’s settings section.
Finding out which person or group is using how much storage space on your device is made easier with the aid of storage utilisation. You may get extensive information on text messages, contacts, locations, photographs, stickers, GIFs, videos, audio notes, and documents exchanged by a group or an individual as well as information about their contacts.

You have the choice to delete specific sorts of communications, such as all movies or photographs that you or someone in your WhatsApp group has shared. This option is provided by storage use. The requirement to remove them all at once is the sole drawback to this capability.
You must go to the WhatsApp settings page, choose Data & Storage Usage, and then select Storage Usage to access it.


A read notice is displayed to the sender of the message whenever it is read. It has always interfered with our personal and professional lives. By heading to App Settings -> Account -> Privacy and unticking the option, it is possible to disable Read Receipts.
The disadvantage of this feature is that you can’t tell if the recipient of your message has read it or not.

But if you don’t want that, you can do the following actions:

Without accessing the chat window, read the messages on the notification bar and delete them from the app.


Open the message after activating Airplane Mode, which disables WiFi and internet data. You are not sending any activity-related data to the WhatsApp server by doing this. No one can thus tell whether you have read the message or not. Be sure you stop using WhatsApp before disabling Airplane Mode.


WhatsApp is no longer merely a chat service for exchanging images and videos. You may now email your receiver any file or document. For those who work in an office and frequently share papers, this function is really useful.

Use your whitespace to enter a photo from your computer or to insert one from your phone.

  • On your PC, first open Instead, both of them will function the same way if you download and install WhatsApp for desktop on your computer.
  • To launch WhatsApp on your phone, simply scan your QR code.
  • Your Whatsapp account is currently linked to both a computer and a mobile device.
  • Create a group with any friends you have now, remove that person from the group, and you will be the only member remaining.
  • After you get in the group where you sent the file from your computer, you will also be able to submit data to WhatsApp on your phone.


You might not be aware of the typeface that we might utilise by employing a straightforward method. We weren’t aware of the new font’s introduction until a buddy told me about it a month ago. But, it truly does seem great, and people keep enquiring as to its secret. The message must be opened by typing the three grave accents, followed by your message, and then it must be closed in the same way.

For Example:

“Type your message here.”

You’ll notice that the text style has changed.


I don’t understand why WhatsApp’s creators haven’t integrated this into the programme. While it has been there for a while, not many users are aware of it.

The image shows how these symbols may be used to modify the text’s style from normal to bold, italic, and strikethrough. The symbol must be used twice, once at the start and once at the conclusion of your message. Via Combination, a message may also be written.

Example: –

Bold = * Bold * = Bold

Italics = _Italics_ = Italics

Strikethrough =  Strikethrough

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