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Download Android 10 GApps For Any Custom ROM

October 11, 2023 (2 months ago)

Android 10 was widely launched in September 2019, and most manufacturers have sent upgrades to their individual devices. While many other devices that have received a custom ROM port based on Android 10 require Gapps 10 in order to run core Google applications such as the Google Play service, framework, and play store, Gapps 10 is not required.

For effective WebView functionality, Android 10 GApps need a patched ROM, which OpenGapps has yet to deliver. The work has begun, and the team has launched the beta version, which may be found in this article. However, the source code released by Android to the public is still figuring out a way. The Android 10 Gapps will function on the majority of the most recent Android custom ROMs based on Android 10, and we have tested them on Resurrection Remix, Crdroid, LineageOS, and others.

What exactly is GApps?

In general, GApps is the abbreviation for Google software, which are the proprietary Google-branded software that come pre-installed on the majority of Android smartphones, tablets, TVs, and other devices. GApps comprise applications such as Google Play services, Contacts, Dialers, Google Maps, and so on. However, there are some licencing restrictions from Google, such as the brand Huawei, which is not allowed to use its service.

Also, some custom ROMs, such as LineageOS, HavocOS, Resurrection Remix, OMNI-ROM, and others, do not come with GApps pre-installed and must be installed separately. Although the Google apps are not required to be installed alongside a custom ROM, many users find them useful in order to fully utilise the Android ecosystem.

Download Android 10 GApps

OpenGapps has created nine Android 10 GApps variations that you may install on your smartphone. You must read the details of each version and choose one based on your preferences.

Remember to think about the package that the developer recommends you install. Furthermore, all of these GApps packages are based on the ARM64 CPU architecture and will not work on ARM, x86, or x86_64.

Pico Package

One of the most popular GApps packages, it is chosen by custom ROM users since it is small in size and features Google apps such as Play Services, Google Package Installer (replaces stock/AOSP Package Installer), Google Text-to-Speech, and Google Sound. Download Pico Package

Nano Package

The Google Assistant search support is still available despite Google’s shrinking reach. This package includes the Pico Package as well as a few basic Google apps such as offline voice files, Google Play Store, and so on. Download Nano Package

Micro Package

Designed for users with older devices that have tiny system partitions. Google core programmes, Gmail, Calendar, Pixel Launcher, Device Health Services, Wallpapers, and Pixel Icons sounds are included in the mini package. Download Micro Package

Mini Package

This Android 10 GApps package is intended for users who prefer to have a minimal version of Google Applications pre-installed, such as Gmail, Google Duo, Calendar, Calculator, Maps, Clock (replaces stock/AOSP Clock), Messages (replaces any pre-installed SMS app), Pixel launcher, Google Tags, Google Text-to-Speech, and Youtube. Download Mini Package

Full Package

This GApps 10 is a full suite designed for current-generation smartphones with large internal storage. You may only install this package if you want the majority of Google Applications pre-installed. Full Package includes the following applications:

  • Services for Cloud Print Device Health
  • Gmail (instead of the stock/AOSP email)
  • Google TalkBack (Accessibility Suite)
  • Google Search App
  • Google Calculator (instead of the stock/AOSP Calculator)
  • Google Calendar (instead of the stock/AOSP Calendar)
  • Google Chrome (replaces the default/AOSP browser)
  • Google Clock (instead of the stock/AOSP Clock)
  • Google Docs
  • Keep Notes on Google
  • Google Maps.
  • Google Messages (not available on tablets) (Installs in lieu of the stock/AOSP SMS app)
  • Google News Search
  • Pixel Launcher by Google
  • Google Package Installer (takes the place of the stock/AOSP Package Installer)
  • Google Photos (instead of the stock/AOSP Gallery)
  • Books on Google Play
  • Games on Google Play
  • Movies and TV on Google Play
  • Play Music by Google
  • Services provided by Google Play
  • Google Tags (instead of stock/AOSP NFC Tags)
  • Text-to-Speech by Google
  • YouTube Download Full Package

Stock Package

This GApps 10 bundle has a whole set of Google apps, which will take up a lot of space on your smartphone, but it is worth considering if you do not want to install anything from the Play Store just yet.

This bundle includes all of the apps from the complete package as well as the following:

  • Android Auto Android Operating System WebView (instead of the stock/AOSP WebView)
  • Google Camera (instead of the stock/AOSP Camera)
  • Google Keyboard (instead of the stock/AOSP Keyboard)
  • Google Wallet
  • The Google Phone
  • Google Printing Services Service Recommendation (replaces stock/AOSP Print Service Recommendation)
  • Google Storage Manager (instead of the stock/AOSP Storage Manager)
  • Google Virtual Reality Services
  • Wallpapers by Google
  • Icons in Pixels
  • Pixel Launcher (instead of the stock/AOSP Launcher) Download Stock Package

Super Package

This GApps package is useful for overseas users who want to try out Global Applications. Recommended mostly for Huawei users, but also for people who want Japanese, Korean, Zhuyin, Indic, Pinyin, and other language support. Super Package also includes Project Fi and Google Translate, both of which are quite valuable for those who often travel to other countries.

The super package includes all of the super and stock goods, as well as the following:

  • Google Fit
  • Indic Keyboard by Google
  • Google Japanese Translation
  • Google Korean Suggestions
  • Google Pinyin Translation
  • Google +
  • Google Maps Street View
  • Google Translation
  • Input from Google Zhuyin
  • Fi Project Download Super Package

Aroma Package

One of the exclusive Android 10 GApps packages, distinct from all other GApps 10 packages. This package is created specifically for smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus, Oneplus 7, Huawei P30, and others. The unique feature of this package is that it includes all of the Google Applications and allows you to choose and install them. Download Aroma Package

GApps 10 by OpenGApps

Download Pico GAppsDownload Nano GApps

Installing the Android 10 Gapps Package

  • Copy the relevant variation of GApps to your smartphone after you’ve downloaded it.
  • Reboot into a custom recovery mode, such as TWRP, PitchBlack, or OrangeFox Recovery.
  • Go to the install menu, find the GApps package, and swipe to flash it. (If the author recommends flashing it with a custom ROM, then follow the instructions).
  • You may (but are not required to) erase Davik/Cache.
  • Reboot and have fun.


Flash the GApps package only if no Google Applications are already installed; otherwise, you may encounter a boot loop or other issues. Remember that the GApps 10 listed above are from OpenGapps and are exclusively intended for smartphones running Android 10 and not any other version. If your smartphone is running Android 9, you may install Pie GApps.

Other Versions of Gapps

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