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Download Instagram Plus Latest Version 2023 [Bonus Features]

October 11, 2023 (2 months ago)

Instagram is the ideal social media tool for chatting, sharing photographs, and reaching out to your audience. Instagram allows you to accomplish a lot of things, but some of them are restricted. However, you can do a lot with the Instamod application, or Instagram Plus on Android, similar to WhatsApp Plus.

Instagram Plus Mod 2023 will allow you to discover numerous features that are not accessible in the original Instagram app available on the Google Play Store. You may deactivate the swipe to browse, convert to dark mode, conceal typing information, allow double-tap to like, triple-tap to download a picture, magnify photographs on long press, and so on.

Instagram allows you to share pictures, videos, and stories, as well as communicate with other users and page owners through direct messaging. The standard Instagram app has a few limits that you may explore on Instagram Plus. Hide your seen stories, auto start videos with music, magnify the Instagram model photographs, and keep the original picture provided by someone are among the functions.

I was hesitant to use this app a few months ago because I was concerned that my Instagram account would be suspended since I had 10,000 followers. But I took a chance because I needed to hide my stories from being seen on other people’s profiles and see who followed me back. Fortunately, Instagram Plus includes these options; I often wanted to download my live videos that I broadcast, and this Instamod assisted me in doing so.

Instagram Plus Functions

Instagram Plus provides a plethora of useful features, such as picture downloads, stories, profile photographs, photo animation, and so on.

  • Profile Photos: You may see anyone’s profile picture by holding down the mouse button over it for 2-3 seconds. You may even choose to save it.
  • Instagram Premium Log in: You may use your Facebook ID, which is connected to your Instagram account, or your Instagram Credentials directly.
  • Follow Indicator: When you visit someone’s profile, you may check whether he or she is following you back.
  • Hide View Stories: One of my fave features is the ability to conceal your name while viewing other people’s tales. (Select Plus Settings at the top, then Privacy, then Hide view articles.)
  • Auto Start: You may now view videos with audio without having to touch the play button. (Select Plus > Other > Enable autoplay videos.)
  • Video Player: Play movies on an external video player (click “Plus Options” or “Preview”).
  • Share: Sharing a link to a video or picture is essential today, and Instagram Plus makes it simple. (Go to Plus Settings > Share Image/Video URL Enabled)
  • Copy: By long pressing and copying, you may copy the comments on a post or a friend’s profile.
  • Translate: Press and hold the text to have it translated into the language of your choice.
  • Links: You may access any link in your browser by clicking on it.
  • Zoom: You may perform a large zoom on any of your friends’ photos. You must hold down the image button for 2-3 seconds before you may zoom in.
  • Save: Saving a picture on Instagram Plus is a simple process. Tap the three dots to bring up the option to save the photo. Alternatively, you can enable a download option in the Plus Settings by double-tapping the image.
  • Themes: Similar to WhatsApp Plus, OGInsta, GB Whatsapp, and others. More than 500 themes are available for download.
  • Dark Mode: You may enable dark mode on Instagram Plus by downloading the dark version.

Instagram Plus 2023 Download

Instagram Plus is just 60 MB in size; please verify the downloaded file size. If your download is stopped, please use the mirror URL provided.

Standard Package (clone): It comprises of, which is often used by Instagram. This means you can’t use it to access the official Instagram.

Installing Instagram Plus

Standard Package:

  • Download the Instagram Plus APK of your choice from the list above; first, verify your device’s CPU architecture and then choose ARM or X86.
  • If Instagram is already installed on your device, uninstall it. Uninstall Instagram by going to Settings > Applications > Instagram.
  • Navigate to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources.
  • Install the Instagram Plus APK that you got.
  • Log in with your Facebook or Instagram credentials to the newly installed app.

Various Packages:

  • Follow the same steps as for the Standard Package, but don’t uninstall the official Instagram app from Step 2 above.
  • After installing it, sign in with a separate Instagram account.
  • Do not use the same account on Instagram and Instagram Plus; your account may be flagged.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us through the contact page or leave a comment below. We will update the updated version as soon as it is available from the source.

Last Words

Instagram Plus is a customised version of Instagram that is not publicly accessible on the Google Play Store. The software requires third-party installation permissions, which may be allowed in the smartphone’s Security settings. If you like modified software, you may enjoy WhatsApp Plus by Fouad. Instagram Mod APK 2023 allows you to use the programme on a more advanced level, such as magnifying photographs, downloading images, storing movies to your gallery, concealing your see stories status, and much more.Instander + Clone

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