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Download WhatsApp iOS Official Version 2023

October 11, 2023 (2 months ago)

The newest Pure iOS WhatsApp for Android is based on Fouad’s WhatsApp and includes all of its capabilities, as well as two varieties of Apple’s iOS look. The iOS WhatsApp is called for the pure experience that utilising this customised WhatsApp would deliver. If you have just converted from an iOS smartphone, the best iOS WhatsApp for Android 2023 is all you need.

Downloading and installing customised WhatsApp applications is a new practise these days. It also protects your online privacy by masking your online status, articles seen, profile images of certain persons, and so on. There are numerous modified applications accessible on the internet that may or may not be safe, however we evaluate them before sharing them.

Before installing it on your Android smartphone, you should check it online or with your anti-virus software on your PC. The iOS theme for Android is a distinct file that must be installed from the iOS WhatsApp themes menu; please see the steps below.

Is WhatsApp available on iOS?

iOS WhatsApp is a customised version of WhatsApp that includes numerous premium features that are not accessible in Facebook’s official version of WhatsApp. It features a material design mod by default, as well as several tweaks, themes, changing styles, fonts, locking the app, and so on. We’ll go through the features of iOS WhatsApp for Android below, as well as how to install it and recover your messages.

The iOS WhatsApp app is available in dark and white variations, which can be downloaded separately and simply installed on your Android smartphone. We previously released Aero WhatsApp, which has an iOS style but is built on WhatsAero and has a distinct user experience comparable to GBWhatsApp, which is now regarded the finest iOS WhatsApp.

Is it safe and anti-ban?

We’ve been using pure iOS WhatsApp on our Android handset for a while and can confirm that it has the Anti-Ban installed, which seems to be functioning well so far. This customised version of WhatsApp by Fouad Mokdad is safe to use.

We tested various modified WhatsApp applications accessible on the internet and discovered that they are safe if downloaded from a reputable source. We’ve been using YoWhatsApp for a long time and have never had an account banned. We recommend that you do not verify the account often; once installed, do not check it again on the same day.

WhatsApp 2023 features on iOS

iOS WhatsApp features are identical to Whatsapp Plus, YoWhatsApp, GBWhatsApp, and others; you may conceal your online activity, freeze last seen, deactivate the tag for forwarded messages, and much more.

  • pick who may call you from the following lists: Everyone, my contacts, my contacts except, pick specific contacts, and nobody.
  • Privacy Preferences (coming soon).
  • Hide view status – Do not inform the contact that you have seen their status.
  • erased statuses and stories will not be erased for you after 24 hours or if the user deletes them.
  • Anti-Delete Messages – Messages given to you cannot be deleted by others.
  • Show Blue Ticks After respond – The contact will only see blue ticks after you respond; this feature is also available in Cyber WhatsApp.
  • The following privacy options are available:
  • Hide blue ticks, hide second ticks (not advised), hide blue microphone, conceal typing, and hide recording in contacts.
  • Groups are the same as contacts.
  • Hide blue ticks, second tick, and blue microphone in broadcasts.


Extraordinary Benefits

Multiple WhatsApp Accounts – On the same smartphone, you may use both iOS WhatsApp and Official WhatsApp.
Advanced Security – Add an additional layer of security to your WhatsApp by using a new fingerprint lock or a different pattern or pin than the default lock on your smartphone.
Supports All File Types – You may now email any file to a buddy. PDF, DOC, EXCEL, APK, ZIP, and more file formats are supported.
Custom Calls – Choose who you wish to call. Choose between a group or an individual.
Themes – There are over 1000 free themes available for download. Apply them from the iOS WhatsApp settings menu.
Video Profile – Select from a list of various video profile choices. When someone contacts you, you are presented with a personalised incoming video call backdrop.
Voice ChangerSend voice messages in 10 various tones to anybody on your contact list. You may choose between a robot, a female, a teenager, a machine, and so on.

Installing the Best iOS WhatsApp on Android

Installing WhatsApp iOS on your Android smartphone is simple; just follow the steps below for a trouble-free installation.

1. New Installation (No previous conversations)

Because this is a new installation, there will be no old conversations accessible in your new iOS WhatsApp.

  • Download the WhatsApp iOS APK from the link at the bottom of this page.
  • Install the APK on your Android smartphone in general.
  • Follow the on-screen directions.
  • Check your phone number.
    You will have iOS WhatsApp loaded after you have been confirmed.

2. Install Chat Backup Backup

This will include all past conversations with your contacts. However, keep in mind that you will need to delete any other WhatsApp programmes.



Here’s a video instruction for installing iOS WhatsApp on your Android smartphone; if you’re having difficulties downloading iOS 16 WhatsApp, you may watch the video lesson on installing it and recovering your existing conversations. Remember to like and subscribe to our YouTube channel to get future updates.

Questions and Answers

Why am I receiving delayed notifications?
Disable the “Hide Second Tick” option in the advanced settings.

Why does my IOS WhatsApp regularly crash?
IOS WhatsApp supports Android 5.0 Lollipop and above.

In the future, how can I upgrade IOS WhatsApp?
Please save this page or join us on Telegram. We will inform you if an update is released.

How can I save and restore my conversations on a new phone?
Go to Advanced > Universal > Backup & Restore > Save your media conversations.

Why are no pictures loaded in the theme store?
Go to the app’s settings and grant storage access.

Can we back up to Google Drive?
Backups to Google Drive are not supported by any modified WhatsApp app.

Is it possible to utilise IOS WhatsApp in a custom ROM?
Yes, it is compatible with any Android-based operating system higher than Android 5.0.


If you have an IOS device, such as an iPhone or iPad, you may have a different experience using WhatsApp messaging. You may use IOS WhatsApp to get the same functionality and user experience as WhatsApp messenger on Android, as well as iPhone/iPad. To apply the IOS WhatsApp theme, first download the APK and then the.xml (extension) file.Download WhatsApp iOS Official Version 2023

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