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How to Set Lock on WhatsApp Plus (Pattern, Fingerprint, PIN)

October 11, 2023 (2 months ago)


Something is always preferable than nothing, but what if you suddenly lost all access and were left with nothing? Online applications aren’t safe enough because anyone in our home can access them at any time by knowing the passwords and patterns and utilising our fingers while we’re dreaming. Your little brother, wife, or best friend may be the face of an intruder. They must be more familiar with our phone’s routines than we are.
These days, WhatsApp is the software that has to be the most secure, but sadly, they don’t have any security lock features, where we may add additional patterns or pins to deceive them along the road.

But when nothing works, we turn to technology for assistance. Today, that assistance will come via WhatsApp Plus, a scripting or modified version of the standard WhatsApp that has a tonne of extra capabilities.

Because it offers the extra services for free inside the renowned Instant Messaging network WhatsApp, it violates a few Play Store terms and regulations, thus you can’t find this modified version listed on the Google Play Store.

If you’re looking for an app with amazing features like enhanced security, increased privacy, customization options, magical effects, and the exact WhatsApp UI, Latest WhatsApp Plus will set you apart.

However, you need a technique if you previously downloaded the app and want to enable security lock on WhatsApp without using any other Android apps.

To activate the security choices, I’m marking it once more as a simple operation. Ideally, WhatsApp Plus would offer three alternative security locks to pick from: pattern, PIN, or fingerprint. Pick the one that is most convenient and proceed as described below.

Someone recently inquired on this forum if the special WhatsApp Plus tweak makes life simpler, and I can now definitively say that it does make things considerably simpler.
It’s more than simply WhatsApp; it’s a vast experience with hundreds of functions. You may now activate enhanced security for communications by following the instructions below.

  • Use this link to download, install, and verify your WhatsApp Plus account.
  • On your device, launch WhatsApp Plus, and select the top-right three-dot option.
  • Open the Privacy and Security settings after selecting the Plus Settings from the list.
  • The Security area may be found underneath the Privacy section as you scroll down.
  • The WhatsApp Lock toggle is now the top selection under Security settings.
  • When you click to turn on that toggle, a security lock interface will appear shortly after.
  • To secure lock WhatsApp Plus, pick your preferred password from Pattern, PIN, or Fingerprint.
  • Restart WhatsApp Plus once more, and it will now prompt you for the necessary password.

To write down the password and activate WhatsApp Plus right now so you may communicate with all of your pals and take use of all the satirical features provided by the development team. For a fingerprint scanner, you may also select from instantaneous to up to a 30-minute automated lock timer to make it more secure than Jeff Bezos’s compromised smartphone.

Note: You must first turn off the fingerprint lock before you can enable any Lock interface after using the fingerprint scanner. You wouldn’t be able to select any other locking security till after that. There is no restriction on any other protocol but Fingerprint.

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