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How to Lock Specific Conversation on WhatsApp Plus (Guide)

October 11, 2023 (2 months ago)


The creators of WhatsApp Plus have included a peculiar function that hasn’t yet been seen in any instant messaging programme or its variant. It is a security-based feature that gives you unique lock choices for every WhatsApp discussion. You utilised the WhatsApp locker, lockers for third-party apps, and WhatsApp’s fingerprint unlocking feature, but the particular chat locker is amazing.

The days of parsing app locks and screen locks to make WhatsApp a secure instant messaging service are long gone. These days, you can utilise WhatsApp Plus, which is like a huge locker with hundreds of locks and keys in your head. Nobody is aware of the key that opens which of your closed conversations, and you continually prevailed in the security contest.

These days, Android app developers are working so hard to build the most exciting features that aren’t even included in the premium or paid edition. Despite the fact that WhatsApp is a free app with no paid membership plans, you can still take use of some incredible features designed in jest for tech enthusiasts who adore the configurable interface, privacy add-ons, and high level security features like Specific Chat lockdown.

WhatsApp Plus is our top option if you believe that some of your crucial communications, such as those with customers, romantic partners, or girlfriends, include the most sensitive information that you don’t want to disclose with anybody using your phone. Because the programme already provides ease, locking every communication possible inside the WhatsApp Plus interface is really simple. Just take the actions listed below to embrace security.

After seeing this video, you can also make the process for improving the overall security of your regular chats simpler by following the written instructions mentioned below. The information in the aforementioned video is exactly what you will find in these written stages, however it is presented in a more straightforward manner.

  • Install WhatsApp Plus on your phone by downloading it from this page.
  • On the Plus version, verify your WhatsApp number right away or register a new account.
  • Select the individual conversation you wish to secure after restarting the application.
  • Select the three-dot menu symbol in the top-right corner.
  • Look for the option to Lock Conversation in the menu; often, it appears as the very last choice.
  • When you choose the Lock Conversation option, the software gives you three choices: Pattern, PIN, and Fingerprint.
  • To ensure proper verification, select the security protocol you wish to use and input it twice.
  • Finally, restart WhatsApp Plus and attempt to reopen that particular chat.

Your talks would be safe in the present, and you could see the closed conversations via your favourite protocol. The nicest part of this situation is that the Pattern and PIN unlocking options come with the Fingerprint unlocking option as well. It would make unlocking more convenient for users of instant messengers like you and give you the edge on WhatsApp.

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