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How to Change a Google Password on an Android Device – Reset Gmail Password

October 11, 2023 (2 months ago)

If you forget the password to your Google account, you may quickly reset it using an Android device or a PC. In families and friendship groups, it’s common to sometimes login to your Google account and have the feeling that someone may view it and utilise your private information since they know your Google password. In this video, I’ll show you how to modify your Google password on an Android device.

How to Change a Google Account Password From an Android or Desktop

The subject customers often ask is how to change Gmail password on Android or on a desktop. Today, we will go over in detail how to reset the password for a Google account. After many years of the Yahoo and Microsoft corporations purchasing email services, the enormous Google corporation emerged as the market leader in both email services and services connected to them.

How to Use Google to Make Money Online

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You can use all of Google’s services, even those with plenty of storage space and very high levels of security, with just one account. Additionally, whether you use an iPhone or an Android phone, you cannot utilise Play Store or Google Play Store apps without a Google account.

How can I reset my Android Google/Gmail password?

These instructions will show you how to change a Google account’s password using a computer: Below are all of the official links to the article.

  • Access Your Google Account.
  • Log In With Your Your Address And Password.
  • Once Logged In, We Will Either Click “Change The Password” Or Input The Following Link: Link#2
  • Specify A New Password.

For Android phones with Google accounts

Now that we know how to reset a Google account’s password on a computer, let’s move on to learning how to do it on an Android phone. If you have an Android phone, the scenario and the processes are entirely different. Along with the earlier approach described above, it is also appropriate for a smartphone utilising an Internet browser, such Google Chrome.

However, there are additional ways to modify the password on Android devices, and they are as follows:

  • Click the gear icon to access settings from the phone’s home screen.
  • A Google listing is what we’re searching for.
  • The “Google Account” menu is where we next go.
  • The “Security” option may then be found at the top of the list after selecting it.
  • You will have to provide your password and the account details from your current email on the phone.
  • Information security professionals suggest storing the new password in many locations for ease of remembering in case it is lost after we click “Change Password” and input the new password.

Important Information: After learning how to change a Google account’s password, please keep in mind that if the password has been changed, using any of the Google services connected to the account will immediately cause it to be closed, and the new password is necessary to use them again.

Google gives the option to recover a google account in the event that it is stolen or hijacked for any other reason. You may utilise the option to recover your Gmail password by cellphone number if you forget it, then. To confirm that you are the original owner of the account, you will be questioned about it in a number of ways.

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How can I update my Google/Gmail password on an Android device?

By pressing the Settings button on your Android device and then selecting the settings menu, you may update your Google password. Click accounts/Google Account right now. “Manage Accounts” should be clicked, followed by “Security,” and then a new password should be entered.

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