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The Top 10 Spotify Alternatives For iOS And Android Users

October 11, 2023 (2 months ago)

Are you trying to find the finest Spotify substitutes? If so, you’ve come to the correct place because I’m going to provide you a list of the top 10 Spotify alternatives today. After evaluating more than 30 different music streaming services, I created this list and chose the top 10. There are both free and paid Spotify alternatives on this list. Therefore, without further ado, let’s begin:

One of the top music streaming services now on the internet is Spotify. More than 100 million of its more than 248 million monthly active users are paying subscribers to its premium service. Although their free service has several restrictions, it has respectable features. As a result, I’ve decided to write this article today in which I provide a list of the top ten Spotify competitors that provide more features and satisfy all of your entertainment-related requirements.

However, if you have no money but still want to use Spotify’s premium features, you may download the Spotify premium APK from this page. Almost all of the premium features that Spotify gives to its paying subscribers are available in this modified version of the service.

What Other Applications Compare To Spotify?

Spotify is a music streaming service available on practically all devices. It is a sizable music streaming platform with a sizable user base. Despite the fact that we are aware that there is no streaming service that can completely replace Spotify. However, these applications resemble Spotify’s service in certain ways. So, we may think of them as Spotify substitutes.

Best Alternatives To Spotify

The top 10 music streaming services that can replace Spotify are listed below. So, let’s start with the list of the finest alternatives to Spotify.


SoundCloud is the first free alternative to Spotify. Due to the vast selection of music and podcasts, it is widely used. You may find several replicated, new, and similar versions of a song on SoundCloud since you can publish your own original music there.

The fact that SoundCloud is accessible on practically all platforms is another important aspect of the service. You get access to more than 150 million music and podcasts with its free edition. It does, however, include some advertising. You may try their SoundCloud Go+ service, which is premium and costs $4.99/month, if you want to stop hearing those grating advertisements.

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Pandora Music

You should also check out Pandora Music, another well-known music streaming service. It offers a vast music library with practically all genres included. You may create playlists using your favourite artists, genres, and songs. Additionally, it provides tailored lists based on your preferences, emotions, and current activities. However, you can only skip a few songs and cannot create offline music with a free membership.

Additionally, let’s say you get their premium service, which costs $4.99 per month (the lowest on the list). In that case, you’ll have access to many more premium services, such as offline listening, greater audio quality, and limitless skips and shuffles. Additionally, they provide a 90-day premium service trial, which you may use to determine if their service is worthwhile or not.

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Apple Music

Apple Music is a great substitute for Spotify. It costs the same as Spotify Premium: $9.99 per month for single users and simply $14.99 per month for families. However, you may test out their service for 90 days without paying for it.

Similar to Spotify, Apple Music is accessible on all popular platforms, such as iOS and Android phones and tablets. It provides a big collection with more than 50 million tracks. Their AI is fantastic and provides you with pleasant customised playlists based on your preferences. You’ll also have access to their strong SIRI, which improves your interaction with them overall.

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YouTube Music

Another well-liked newcomer in the music streaming space is YouTube Music. However, it has quickly become so well-known because to its well-known entertainment service, YouTube, and the help of a well-known company like Google. Additionally, it provides outstanding personalised music playlist recommendations based on your listening history, preferences, time of day, and location.

For the majority of us, the free service it provides is more than enough. However, you must choose the $12.99/month premium YouTube songs membership if you want to download songs to listen to offline or want an ad-free experience. If you currently subscribe to YouTube Premium, it is, nevertheless, completely free for you.

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Both free and premium options are available on the streaming platform. Similar to other music streaming services, you may listen to your favourite songs from their catalogue, but you cannot download or make them available offline. However, since it doesn’t have those obnoxious advertising, I like Gaana Music’s free version far more than others on the list and even more than Spotify. Premium features like making music offline and others are available with the paid membership, which costs $0.99 per month. Additionally, if you currently subscribe for Gaana’s premium service, you will get it at no additional cost.

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Amazon Music

A highly regarded streaming service on the market is Amazon Music. To discover your preferred music, it includes a sizable selection of more than 2 million tracks. Additionally, you may ask Alexa for your favourite tunes, and Amazon’s AI will locate and play the song for you. If you have Amazon Prime, you can utilise it without paying a dime. And with this, you can virtually make any music offline, enjoy ad-free playback, and do an infinite number of skips.

The selection is expanded to 10 million tracks with Amazon’s ultimate membership plan. Additionally, you may use their personalised suggestion tool, make playlists, and listen to podcasts on radio stations. It is accessible for all popular smartphones, including iOS and Android, and costs $7.99 per month.

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Offering both music and video streaming with a single membership, it is a great service. The starting price for their premium service is $9.99, while their HiFi service is $19.99. Additionally, a 30-day free trial is available. On its service, it offers a vast library of more than 60 million music and 240,000 videos. It includes music and videos from practically every genre, as well as podcasts, documentaries, interviews, TV shows, and many more—all in the highest sound quality and free of advertisements.

You must join up for one of the paying plans since there is no free plan offered in conjunction with them. Offline creation of music tracks and videos is also possible. Additionally, it provides meet-and-greets, unique access to the tickets, backstage materials, and many other things. It also provides behind-the-scenes live performances. Overall, if you’re willing to pay them for their services, it might be the ideal solution for enjoyment.

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It is one of the first and most reputable music streaming services, and its enormous library of more than 53 million songs contributes to its popularity. Additionally, it provides access to more than 30,000 radio stations, podcasts, and several other things. Over 14 million people use Deezer on a monthly basis.

Although their free service is first-rate, it is cluttered with adverts that detract from the overall experience. Deezer’s Hi-Fi streaming option is available to you if you’re willing to pay $19.9 a month, and it also offers 16-bit FLAC sound quality. Additionally, it disables the advertising to enable offline listening and unlimited shuffles and skips. Deezer is furthermore accessible on practically all popular platforms.

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JioSaavn is currently India’s most downloaded music streaming app on smartphones after striking an agreement with Reliance JIO. I must urge you to check JioSaavn, especially if you are an Indian, since it offers more than 50 million songs, including Bollywood, Singles, English Tracks, and several more songs in Regional Indian Languages.

There is no way to produce music offline with their free membership, which also includes commercials. However, if you utilise JIO, you may use their premium service for 90 days without having to pay a dime or provide your credit card information. You may download songs, play music at 320 kbps, and get rid of the ads with a premium membership. JioSaavn could be the greatest Spotify option for you if you’re an Indian. It is comparable to Spotify in terms of music selection and functionality.

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To satisfy the requirement for music streaming, LiveXLive is another well regarded service that is accessible on devices including iOS, Android, and the web. It enables you to create a playlist based on your preferences for songs, genres, albums, and artists. Your choices are read aloud, and songs are then suggested based on that.

Ads are included in the free edition, and there are only six hourly skips. While the premium edition just costs $4/month and offers unlimited skips, offline listening, and ad removal. However, it is only accessible to users in the US and Canada. You may try any other service on the list if you are not from that area.

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Spotify is a top-notch music streaming platform with a large monthly user base. But with the introduction of Apple Music and YouTube Music, it has been under intense competition in recent months. It was difficult to come up with 10 replacements for a massive company like Spotify. However, several providers may compete with Spotify in terms of usefulness and features.

Every one of the services I listed has its advantages. You should read my reviews of a few services on my site before using them, as I have already done so. That being stated, it is now time to conclude this essay. Our crew will do its best to respond to your question as soon as possible if you leave it in the comment box below our list of the Best Spotify Alternatives.

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