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On Your Brand-New Device, You Should Have Installed The Top 10 Apps.

October 11, 2023 (2 months ago)

Every smartphone user needs apps to make their lives easier, complete tasks, and make the most of their devices. There is a group of the best useful Android apps that every user should install when buying a new phone, and these they are apps that are also indispensable for any user of Android phones and devices. However, given that there are more than 3 million Android apps available on Google Play Store, it can be challenging for the user to access the best and indispensable apps.



VLC for Android (Latest Version) 3.5.4 APK

When purchasing a new phone, one of the most practical Android apps should be loaded immediately. For those who like viewing movies and television shows on their phones, the finest video player is the VLC app, which lets you play both audio and video clips. no advertisements, available in several formats.

Users of computers may play movies or videos in a pop-up window while working on other things, show movie subtitles, modify text size, colour, and backdrop, and more using the very popular VLC programme. applications that support the night mode and let you watch movies on your phone. appears on Android TV devices’ UI.


  • Similar to the desktop version of VLC, VLC for AndroidTM plays the majority of local video and audio files as well as network streams (including adaptive streaming) and DVD ISOs. Disc sharing are also supported.
  • All file types, such as MKV, MP4, AVI, MOV, Ogg, FLAC, TS, M2TS, Wv, and AAC, are supported. No further downloads are required; all codecs are included.
  • Closed Captions, Teletext, and subtitles are all supported.
  • A media library for music and video files is included in VLC for Android, and one may explore directories directly.
  • Subtitles and multi-track audio are supported by VLC. It features automatic rotation, aspect-ratio changes, and gestures for brightness, volume, and seeking.
  • Additionally, it has a widget for controlling audio, enables controlling audio headsets, cover art, and a full audio media library.
  • Get VLC Media Player 2 now. Google Keep: A Note-Taking and Idea-Keeping App
  • Despite the fact that there are other reputable note-taking applications available for Android users, Google Keep is one of the most important apps that should be loaded when purchasing a new smartphone since it has all the features and functionality that a user could possibly require for storing notes and ideas.


Noteshelf Premium (Patched) 6.0.1 MOD APK

Android users may build a daily to-do list with the option to include a photo or record notes, thoughts, and chores by voice using the Google Keep app. With only one click, online pages may be saved in the Chrome browser for PCs so that they can be seen on a phone.


TickTick (Premium Unlocked) MOD APK

The free TickTick software for Android phones is one of the finest alternatives to the Google Keep app for managing to-do lists and reminders since it makes it simple for users to set up reminders and tasks in writing or while they are on the road.

  • The TickTick To Do List App’s user interface for Android, iOS, and smartwatch
  • By voice, with assistance for comprehending natural language context, so you can ask for voice reminders about something at eight o’clock at night, and the app offers synchronisation with other devices, including computers, iPhones, and iPods. You can share lists and set goals to work with family or friends, and if you’re looking for an app to improve productivity through
  • Pomo’s split time technology. You may use the app’s ability to work on projects while taking breaks.



The Pocket app for Android users offers a view of articles that is pleasant to the eyes and easier to read, with the ability to control the size of the font, background text, and the ability to listen to the audio of articles (only supports English). It also lets you save articles and web pages to read later offline.

The app is essential when purchasing a new Android phone because it allows users to save articles and web pages to read later with just one click, allows them to categorise articles by tags, and allows them to see their friends and the most popular items.


The Google Files app is undoubtedly one of the greatest Android applications to install if you’re acquiring or purchasing a new Android phone. It is a file management software that gives the user the ability to find duplicate files, move and copy files, as well as clear the phone of unneeded data, and it also gives them the power to send encrypted files, including applications, to friends or other phones over the network without using an internet connection.

  • Clear the room with these cleaning tips
  • Using easy browsing and search, find files more quickly.
  • Fast, data-free file sharing with others while you are offline
  • Save space on your device by cloud-backing up your data.
  • Google Download Files


Since it allows users to store a copy of their images for free online and makes it simple to access and search inside photos, the Google images app has become one of the most well-liked applications and services lately. from many sources.

The app offers a variety of benefits based on artificial intelligence and machine learning methods, such as automatic image enhancement like brightening, sharing, rotating, or archiving, as well as the ability to colourize old images and search within one’s own images using the Google Lens function, in addition to producing video clips. Make a private family album automatically. All family images are automatically added by the app.

The official Google images app offers crucial features like shared albums, automated creations, and a powerful editing suite. It is designed for the way you take images today. You may opt to automatically back up all of your photographs and videos in High resolution or Original quality, and every Google Account comes with 15 GB of storage. After that, you may access them on photos.google.com and from any connected device.


If you purchase a new Android phone, you will undoubtedly need an app to edit photos. Snapseed is one of the best Android apps that you can trust because it offers all the tools required for editing photos, from basic tools like automatic image enhancement, cutting, and writing, to professional tools like controlling white balance, blurring the background, removing blemishes from pictures, people, and unwanted objects, as well as editing RAW images.

Snapseed App for Android Snapseed enables users to share photographs after editing them via a variety of social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others. Users may also add a frame to photos or apply effects to them.

  • 29 tools and filters, including the following (see list below): Healing, Brush, Structure, HDR, and Perspective
  • opens RAW and JPG images
  • Save your individual appearances to use in future pictures.
  • Brush for a selective filter
  • Any style may be altered with a careful, subtle touch.
  • Get Snapseed 8 now. to save passwords, use LastPass


LastPass Password Manager

When purchasing a new phone, one of the finest Android applications to install is LastPass, which offers the user the opportunity to store fingerprints, enable 2-Step Verification to boost account security, and share information. Passwords from any device are immediately accessible on all other devices, such as desktops, thanks to free sync support in the app. It also offers frequent reminders to update passwords on a regular basis.

The best default password organiser for LastPass is Password, which also enables you to automatically generate secure passwords for each of your online accounts, pre-fill usernames and passwords for all websites and applications, and sync passwords across devices. Computers, fingerprint-based one-touch login, and safe password sharing with friends and family.


PDF Scanner App – AltaScanner (Premium Unlocked) 1.9.20

Every user needs an app to take pictures of and save documents when purchasing a new Android phone. The Microsoft Office Lens app fulfils this need, as well as allowing users to take pictures of writing boards and whiteboards without any issues or the need to crop or edit the images. Users can also save the images of documents and writing boards as PDF files, images, or Word text documents, which automatically extracts text from images.

You may also depend on the Adobe Scan app, one of the finest Android applications for quickly scanning documents and saving them to your phone or emailing or texting colleagues and coworkers with them.


The user may produce documents, presentations, and Excel files using any of the three applications. Open Office files allow users to share any document or presentation and allow for computer-based collaboration with coworkers or friends. creation.

  • Edit current presentations or make new ones.
  • Share presentations and simultaneously work on the same presentation
  • Work whenever and whenever, even offline.
  • Add comments and reply to them
  • Format text and forms, reorganise presentations, and more
  • Present directly from your smartphone
  • Nothing is ever lost accidentally since everything is saved as you write.
  • Create stunning presentations quickly with our clever tips.
  • Presentation slides for scheduled meetings and video sessions will automatically show
  • Open, modify, and save PowerPoint documents
  • Download Slides Docs



They should install the Google Translate software, which enables anybody purchasing a new Android phone to translate between 103 different languages, including Arabic and English, and also offers support for quick camera translation. Additional features include the ability to click on any text in any programme and translate it through a pop-up window. The software provides voice conversation translation between 38 distinct languages while annotating documents and providing offline translation.

  • Text translation: Type between 108 different languages.
  • Copy text in any programme, then translate it (in all languages) by tapping the Google Translate button.
  • Offline: Without an internet connection, translate (59 languages)
  • Instant camera translation: Use your camera to immediately translate text included in photos (94 languages)
  • Take or import pictures for better translation quality (90 languages).
  • Bilingual talks may be translated instantly into 70 different languages.
  • Instead of typing, write messages with your hands in 96 different languages.
  • Phrasebook: Mark and bookmark translated terms for later use (all languages)
  • Device-to-device synchronisation To sync your phrasebook between the desktop and the app, log in.
  • Transcribing: Continuous near-real-time translation of speakers of other languages (8 languages) Get Google Translate.


In the article that follows, we list and describe the top applications that every new smartphone should have. These are the applications that you will install on your smartphone after purchasing it; they will make it simpler for you to do your chores without any issues. These are the most well-liked Google applications that are often pre-installed on each new smartphone you purchase (as opposed to Huawei).

Google Docs files allow you to modify your papers, while Slides and Android Sheets both let you print your data and add text to photographs. These programmes function similarly to Microsoft Word and Excel sheets.

I really hope you appreciate the programmes I’ve mentioned. Tell me about your experience using these programmes, how it went, and how they’ve aided you in your everyday duties or job. By posting comments below this page, you may recommend to us your favourite articles. Please remember to follow my YouTube channels.

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