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Top 9 Android Apps That Should Be on Every Smartphone in 2023

October 11, 2023 (2 months ago)

You must download 9 unpopular yet really helpful Android applications that are not very popular in 2022. Not so terrible if you insist that all Android users install these 9 hidden applications.

Android’S Best Apps: What Every Smartphone Needs To Have

Thank you very much for stopping by my website, ButterflyAPK. I’m going to show you nine secret applications today that you may not have known about. Some of you may be familiar with these applications, but most likely not. I’m going to provide you some background information on these nine applications and a download link.


There are 9 MUST HAVE SECRET Apps for Android, which an Android smartphone user should be aware of. All users will find these applications to be extremely helpful. Many people are seeking for apps that can safeguard your eyes and there are certain apps that are crucial for privacy and security. When you potentially lose your phone, these applications will come in extremely handy. I’m going to provide nine apps that the ringtone community will find to be highly significant.

Track It Even If Its Off | Antitheft Sos Family

NOBODY Nobody makes emergency plans. But most of us experience it. So, as the name suggests, this programme can follow the position of your phone even when it is turned off or without an internet connection. It is the greatest anti-theft software for finding and tracking down stolen mobile devices. Hammer includes a panic button, a fake aeroplane mode, a fake shutdown, an emergency PIN app lock, a car accident detector, an intrusion detector, a low battery SMS, and a website for remote phone control (access to the camera, audio, location, etc.). If you ever lose your phone, you can still use it remotely. Has your phone been stolen? Simply utilise this app to find out when an accident occurs if you aren’t already.

Download Here

Night Screen

This app’s primary objective is to make your screen less bright than it would be with the default settings. This programme adds an overlay filter that dims the screen by acting as a dimmer.In a dimly lit room or at night, it helps to prevent headaches and eye discomfort. It configures your phone’s settings such that brightness is automatically reduced to the bare minimum. When an app is closed, the screen light returns to its initial state. Use this app to keep your screen awake while you are reading anything and it will remain awake till you have finished using your app.

Download Here

Talking Ringtone Maker Pro

A free programme called Talking Ringtone Maker enables you to make unique, personalised ringtones that really speak. To hear a sentence delivered in a variety of voices, just enter it in. Without ever glancing at your smartphone, you can determine if an important call or notice is coming. With the help of Talking Ringtone Maker, you can convert any text you input into voice that sounds human using advanced text-to-speech technology. When you get a call, say “Someone’s calling” with a chic British accent. When you get new WhatsApp messages, you could also see “New Message!

Download Here

Pin Genie Locker – Screen And App Lock

On Google Play, the most secure lock screen and app lock. This locker is special because of its patented PIN pad, which offers the highest level of privacy and prevents anybody from seeing your PIN, even if they are watching you enter it. Your screen is locked with only 4 elegant buttons and the magic PIN. Each button has three numbers, which are all randomly rearranged after each try. Use this Screen Lock and app lock to test your friends’ ability to decipher your code.

Download Here

Think Dirty

Don’t be fooled by the name; this app offers the simplest method to learn about the substances in cosmetics and personal care items. By just scanning the product barcode, THINK DIRTY will display the product’s real-time pricing based on the current market rate. You may research the product or learn more about it. It is also accessible for some of the most significant applications that may be extremely useful in everyday life, or is suggested for them. Your life is also made much simpler by it. Also downloaded for this app are beauty and fashion apps. To save time when shopping, you may even create your own shopping list while lounging at home. The database contains more than 350,000 cosmetics and personal care items. Through your smartphone, you may easily purchase goods from Amazon, the largest online retailer in the world.

Download Here

Fing – Network Tools

You can monitor any device connected to your wifi using this app. FING is being used by forty million people, who are benefiting from it. Additionally, you may discover solutions to all your queries, including. Those using my WiFi Is my WiFi and internet being misused? Have I been compromised? My network: Is it safe? Is the B&ampB I’m staying at equipped with hidden cameras? Why has Netflix streaming begun to pause? Does the internet service I pay for provide the speed I expect?It learns every detail about every wifi user connecting to your network. It employs patented technology that is mostly used by ANTIVIRUS and ROUTER manufacturers. Using FING NETWORK TOOLS, you may also see the names, properties, and device kinds of NetBIOS, UPnP, SNMP, and Bonjour devices. You can also monitor nearby devices.

Download Here

Vani Dialer – Answer Calls By Your Voice

Vani Dialer (Premium Unlocked) v8.7 MOD APK

ANSWER CALLS BY YOUR VOICE WITH VANI DIALER enables you to answer calls using only your voice by stating Answer Calls by saying “Hello.” Decline Calls by saying “No.” To answer the phone in speaker mode, say “Speaker.” To send an auto-reply message, just say “SMS.” You may edit it by adding your own words. The caller’s name may also be spoken by the VANI DIALER, giving you the option to accept or reject the call. For Caller ID, Call Blocker, T9, Address Book, and Contact Manager, you may utilise VANI DIALER.

Download Here

Avee Music Player (Pro)

Avee Music Player Pro (Premium Unlocked) 1.2.209 MOD APK

You may get AVEE MUSIC PLAYER from the Google Play Store. You may notice that a lot of BASS BOOSTED songs or REMIX feature videos with visualizers or spectrum that move in time with the rhythms.

Download Here

Youtube Gold

YouTube Gold v5.0F

The Google Play Store offers a modified version of the official YouTube app called YouTube Gold. YouTube Gold has been modified by #Abu3rab.It functions much like the official YouTube. It does not air advertisements. not a pop-up. none of those pesky adverts. Instead of using the YouTube app, you may save your videos straight to the gallery. Swiping may be used to navigate the screen. Play video in the background. In PIP Mode, videos may be played.

Download Here


If you use an Android or iOS phone, you just need to install the nine applications I’ve showed you. Although some of these applications aren’t in the Play Store, others are. These applications really benefit you. If you had any problems while using these applications, please let us know. You can use these applications to make ringtones, get beauty advice, download music, watch movies, lock your phone, monitor your location, announce incoming calls, design or produce spectrum visualisations, track devices connected to your WiFi, manage your shopping lists and cosmetics, manage your kitchen, and more.

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How can I locate a lost or stolen device?

Finding your missing cellphone is straightforward. The TRACK IT EVEN IF IT’S OFF may be installed. Android app for anti-theft SOS Family allows you to track it even while it is off.

How can I keep informed about the current market pricing for cosmetics?

Install the THINK DIRTY app on your Android smartphone to remain up to speed with the daily costs if you like shopping for kitchen supplies, cosmetics, or other items.

How Can I Play Music From YouTube Without Ads?

In your smartphone, you need download and install YouTube Golden. Without airing any advertising, YouTube plays music while videos are streaming. Additionally, you may use YouTube Golden to play music in PIP MODE.

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