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Download The Top Chrome Extensions, Including The Best Adblockers.

October 11, 2023 (2 months ago)

Here I’m going to present you the Top 6 Useful Chrome Extensions not Found in Chrome Extension Store to Use and Enjoy with the Hidden Features of the Chrome Browser. Everyone is seeking for useful chrome extensions to make their job even more automated. I have provided you with all of the tricks and advice.

Top Chrome Extensions for Use

I’m glad you’re all here on my website, ButterflyAPK. As you are all aware, we constantly provide you with helpful technical information. I will thus provide you the Chrome Extensions today. If you’re new to using the internet on a computer, these extensions will be quite helpful to you. If you’re a student, just make advantage of these fundamental expansions.

Top 6 Practical Extensions for Chrome that aren’t in the Chrome Extension Store
No matter whether you are an experienced or a novice computer user, all these extensions are actually quite helpful for everyone. Simply download and install these top Chrome extensions to start enjoying as I do.

Meddle Monkey

Mischief Monkey If you’re a student with limited data and want to view a lesson or lecture again, do so. Installing this extension is as simple as downloading it from the top Chrome Extensions Store. For students, there is a straightforward addon that makes it simple to save YouTube videos.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Access your computer from anywhere in the world with Chrome Remote Desktop Chrome Remote Desktop enables users to remotely connect to another computer or PC using a Chromebook or Chrome browser. Use this plugin if you are a developer or team worker who must often share a computer with your coworkers and gets tired of using several external programmes. This add-on functions similarly to TeamViewer, Any Desk, etc.

Eat my cookies

Amazing Edit your Cookies Chrome Extension To add, remove, and safeguard cookies in Google Chrome, use the EAT MY COOKIES extension.optimum Chrome addons If you are familiar with the websites and cookie use. Cookies are the real notion in which all of the history of what you have used or searched for when browsing the internet is preserved, regardless of the sort of device you are using. On the internet and on certain private websites, all are saved using cookies. By simply tapping a few steps, you can change these cookies, obtain any premium subscription cookies from your friends, and utilise the premium account.

Udemy Downloader 4

A significant online learning site is Udemy Downloader. Courses may be purchased on Udemy. downloader for videos on ChromeHowever, there are occasions when Udemy does not let you to download these videos. In such cases, utilise this extension to get the necessary courses. With this extension, you can quickly download all of your registered courses from Udemy so that you may utilise them offline. Udemy offers several of the most difficult learning courses. However, today’s YouTube is flooded with super-multiple lectures that are covered in depth and at an advanced level, so if you’re a student you don’t need to purchase any lectures.


You may always use Grammarly to assist you in writing and publishing your essays and articles. Grammarly can assist you in resolving this issue since sometimes you could use really difficult terms that are grammatically incorrect but according to the phrase are correct. For more specific recommendations, all you have to do is log in after downloading the Grammarly plugin from the Chrome Extensions Store. Grammarly may also be used without requiring a login. However, you won’t be able to store certain terms in your dictionary if you don’t log in. One of the most widely used extensions for Chrome right now is Grammarly, which you can install or paste into MS Word to instantly correct any grammatical issues you may have when working or writing. Please feel free to use Grammarly while writing emails and website content.

Memfy This

The most practical expansion for individuals who like creating weird text or memes is this one. MemefyThis may also be used to create poetry. To start creating your own memes without needing any other software, just download the MemefyThis Chrome Extension from the Chrome Extensions store.
Additionally, you can use this plugin to add your lyrics or a thumbnail to create a visually appealing graphic.

I’ve included the Top 6 Useful Chrome Extensions that aren’t on the Chrome Extension Store; these extensions are really doing unlawful acts that are against the law. purpose or download these extensions accordingly for your personal purpose. These extensions solely serve as informational tools. We shall not be held liable if you encounter any risk.


Here are the Top 6 Practical Chrome Extensions that aren’t in the Chrome Extension Store. Download them to use Chrome like an expert. These extensions’ download URLs are redirected to an external link. These websites are not listed here as being either legal or unlawful. The Chrome addons Store did not have the addons.

You may get these extensions for Chrome and install them to get more out of it.
You can also type emails or articles, modify your cookies, add memes, download YouTube videos, save Udemy courses, and edit your photos.

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