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How to Unbanned My WhatsApp Permanently? | Contacting WhatsApp Support in 2023

October 11, 2023 (2 months ago)


Friends of today, welcome to ButterflyAPK. Our topic today is where, if you experience the problem of ban, when using WhatsApp. To remedy a problem where the usage of WhatsApp has been blocked from your WhatsApp number, please contact our support staff for assistance. To resolve an issue where the use of WhatsApp was prohibited at this phone number, please contact our support staff in 2023. And don’t worry, in shaa Allah, we have a solution to leave the ban on your WhatsApp number banned on WhatsApp, and everyone asks me, what is the way to remove the restriction on my phone number on WhatsApp? You are speaking with WhatsApp and requesting that the prohibition on your phone number be lifted.
Then you should be able to use WhatsApp without issue if you follow the steps and implement the instructions with photos at the bottom of the page. My phone number has been blocked from using WhatsApp.

  • If your phone number has been blocked from using Whatsapp, please contact your assistance staff to get it unbanned before 2023.
  • Sharing immoral photographs and videos Posting irrelevant links and having users report you Posting group messages for WhatsApp groups.
  • One method is to send spam or advertising messages to others using WhatsApp. Others frequently ban you on the WhatsApp programme and ban your number, which results in your number being permanently banned from using WhatsApp. Sending threatening texts, photos, or hate messages to people.
  • The presence of an application or virus on a mobile application that uses WhatsApp to automatically send messages to others.
  • You are significantly infringing on the rights of others to use the WhatsApp programme.
  • Violating. Corresponding with persons who are not on your contact list or have not registered with you. Sending group messages to people who aren’t on your contact list.
  • Your phone number is either with them or has not been added to their contact list.
  • Resolves a problem in which this phone number was barred from using WhatsApp.
  • My phone number has been blocked from using WhatsApp. What is the answer: The major reason for banning your number from using WhatsApp is the amount of WhatsApp users who reported and banned your number on WhatsApp, and many people post numbers and claim you report and bann this number, causing the number to be prohibited from using WhatsApp.
  • Please do not report numbers at random.
  • The most common reasons for WhatsApp blocking your number
  • Restoring your number in the golden WhatsApp There are those who are being banned because of the large number of complaints recorded against him by users, which are complaints that the server records whenever a user banns another user, and the greater the number of restrictions restricted on the user’s account and his number will be subject to denial of service.
  • The same is true for users who rely on WhatsApp for advertising promotion, and those who send messages in big quantities that might be characterised as spam; servers try to identify them and ban their phone numbers.
  • If you come to contact the support team, how would I address the problem that this WhatsApp number has been blocked from using WhatsApp? Please contact the support staff for help.


We photograph the screen when it seems that your phone number has been blacklisted, and then we click on the support team as indicated in the image.


Send them in the mine that displays with you this message, as shown in the image, have blocked my WhatsApp account and I have not broken the Terms of Service Please lift the ban on my account or forward my request to higher authority.


The number was disabled because one of the hackers guessed the verification code without my knowledge. Please remove the guesswork from my phone number so that I may send a message or make a phone call to obtain the code and return to Whatsapp+20 And we select the picture displayed in the image as our Screenshot.


As demonstrated in the screen photo below, clicking on this does not address my question.


Fix an issue If your WhatsApp number has been blocked, please contact the support team at 2023.

As indicated in the image, click Gmail.

Please contact the support staff 2023 if your WhatsApp number has been blocked from using WhatsApp.

Now, just send the message without any changes or edits because they are unnecessary; Gmail automatically identified your message entered on Whatsapp; certain areas have been obscured due to cell id, etc. Privacy.

You will receive a response similar to this.

Thank you for your note.
We understand that you are presently unable to access WhatsApp and are working diligently to answer to your inquiry. We appreciate your understanding and will respond as soon as possible. Please read this article for additional details.

WhatsApp Customer Service

Then we respond to the message with the following message:

I apologise for inadvertently guessing the code. Someone meant to ban me, and I hope you would revive the number since my job is dependent on the application and the business, and I am now in an extremely awkward situation. Thank you for your assistance.

After 24 hours, you will receive a response from the staff that looks like this.

Congratulations! on you
Hello and thanks for your letter. We sincerely apologies for any misunderstanding or difficulty this has caused. Our system has flagged your account behavior as a violation of our Terms of Service, and your phone number has been banned as a result. Please verify your phone number with our official WhatsApp client/app, which can be downloaded from our website at Please keep in mind that we do not offer unauthorized customer assistance for iPhones, rooted devices (including emulators), or unsupported devices.


Finally, congratulations on having your WhatsApp number unbanned.

Please let us know if you have any problems or if your unbanned technique is not functioning properly, and we will find another means to show you have unbanned your WhatsApp.Please leave a comment below or contact us directly on Telegram if you need assistance.

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