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(FAQ) How to Keep Safe From being Banned by the WhatsApp Permanent

October 11, 2023 (2 months ago)

Only after receiving several complaints about your number will WhatsApp prohibit your number. In such instance, WhatsApp may temporarily or permanently block your number.


Hello, my friends. May Allah’s grace and mercy keep you all robust and well, Alhamdulillah. First of all, I’d like to extend a warm greeting to you on my website and express my gratitude for your use of my WhatsApp. My WhatsApp Plus is being used by many friends to take use of its capabilities. You can get a lot of textual material on this issue online, as well as videos on YouTube, so at least we don’t just go in without a little introduction. But the main reason I’m writing about this issue today is to explain to you how users might be temporarily or permanently banned from WhatsApp. I also want to ask you to download my WhatsApp, which is WhatsApp Plus, before I continue.


Many of my users emailed me to let me know they had been banned from WhatsApp and could no longer use it. I thus gave them a lot of governmental and private assistance. As a result, today I’ll provide you with more specific information on the ban’s causes. Why is your WhatsApp blocked?

Today I’ll explain how to prevent a temporary or permanent hijacking of your WhatsApp account. I will now explain to you how to secure your WhatsApp. then after that, I’ll explain how to become unbanned. if you use WhatsApp, it. In other words, how can the limitations placed on their number be lifted? Let’s get on to the subject of today.

Let me first explain what the Banned Problem is. So let me share with you


Therefore, the WhatsApp firm will only block your number when there are several complaints. In such instance, WhatsApp may temporarily or permanently block your number. Some persons who have your phone number annoy you by pretending to add you to an unidentified group and giving your number to everyone in the group. When enough complaints are filed promptly against a single number, WhatsApp flags it for examination. It then keeps track of the activity of that number and bans it for any Policy Violations. Both temporary and permanent outcomes are possible.


  • Never join a group that already has members that you don’t know or that has no members on your list of numbers, to start.
  • Never accept an invitation to join a group from someone who offers you a link unless you have thoroughly investigated the group’s nature. How are the folks inside doing?
  • Never join a community that uploads porn and other senseless content. Get out of this gang right now.
  • It must be established before to joining the group who the group administrator is, where he is from, and what kind of person he is. because many nationalists utilise these organisations to
  • disseminate misinformation against the nation. As a consequence, you can have a startling awakening.
  • Share no pornographic content on WhatsApp.
  • Talk to unknown numbers.
  • Stay away from foreign groups.
  • Use of Unofficial WhatsApp is prohibited.
  • Try not to tamper with WhatsApp’s privacy settings.
  • Don’t accept remarks that aren’t moral.
  • Avoid sending viruses
  • Never send texts with bombs
  • Don’t trade nastiness (pornographic)


Yes, all of it appeals to me; it seems that WhatsApp is exclusively for me. even include your desires WhatsApp privacy is so lovely, especially in this depressing time. Yes, WhatsApp always strives to make its users’ experience better. You cannot be added to any group by an unauthorised individual, even if they want to do so. Simply follow me. Or






Select Your Requirements

Settings>Account>Privacy> Groups> Select Your Requirements.


Friends, these are the settings you may use to prevent WhatsApp from being blocked. I’ll explain how to ask WhatsApp to unbanned your number in the next article.


I’ll address the most often asked issues concerning the Whatsapp ban problem in this essay. You can learn the most frequent causes of WhatsApp blocking your number.

Can a blocked WhatsApp number be unbanned?

Yes, you committed certain errors that led to a WhatsApp ban that was irrevocable. WhatsApp numbers may be blocked permanently, however they can also be unblocked or erased.

When was my number blocked on WhatsApp?

When attempting to use WhatsApp if your account is suspended, you will receive the following message: “Your phone number is suspended from accessing WhatsApp. To get assistance, contact support. If we think an account’s behaviour is against our Terms of Service, we prohibit that account.

How long does it take WhatsApp to unban users?

A number’s unbanning from WhatsApp may take up to 24 hours. Try reaching out to the support staff for help if your use of WhatsApp has been suspended.

Where can you not use WhatsApp?

Only five nations—China, North Korea, Syria, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates—have outright banned WhatsApp. The majority of those nations prohibit WhatsApp for political and security grounds, while others do so to support domestic telecommunications firms.

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