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How Can WhatsApp Calls Be Recorded? iPhone and Android WhatsApp Call Recorder

October 11, 2023 (2 months ago)

More than two billion people use WhatsApp, one of the most widely used apps, and one of the finest benefits it provides users is the ability to make free calls. To link anywhere in the globe, all you need is the internet. Although it’s simple to record WhatsApp calls, there isn’t a built-in option to do so. As a result, we will also provide an explanation of the best WhatsApp call recorder software.

The Best WhatsApp Call Recording Apk

You could wish to WhatsApp a voice call recorder for a variety of reasons. WhatsApp calls cannot be recorded by standard call recorders. However, WhatsApp calls include several characteristics that are not present in ordinary calls, such as:

Hello, my friends! How are you today? With Allah’s help and grace, I pray that you are all secure and in good health. You have my sincere gratitude for taking the time to read this post on my website, EhsanWAPlus, today. Do you already know that we constantly provide our users with relevant and helpful information? Dear Friends, the subject we will discuss today is how to record WhatsApp calls. which you may download to your iPhone and Android smartphone. Let’s get started with the best WhatsApp call recording app explanation in this post.

Given that it has more than one billion active users, the WhatsApp app is regarded as the first instant messaging service in the world. The WhatsApp app gives you the fastest typed chat in the world because you don’t need fast internet; you can use weak internet instead. It gives you many very powerful features that all users need, and it is constantly updated to add all the new features so that it stays the leading app in this field.

You can communicate with anyone you choose for free and in a very straightforward manner, and you can also make voice calls and video calls through the WhatsApp application, which offers it for free. Since you can make an unlimited number of voice calls and video calls, you will eventually need to record these calls until you hear them again after finishing them for a variety of reasons, which is why we will show you the best way to record voice calls in this article.

How to record WhatsApp video calls using a voice call recorder for WhatsApp?

Using the WhatsApp Call Recording App to Record Voice Calls: Cube ACR For you to record WhatsApp calls, we have selected this fantastic programme. With its many fantastic features and compatibility with various mobile operating systems, including Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone, WhatsApp is very popular all over the globe. And every year comes new upgrades, which, as we have already discussed with several versions of WhatsApp, aid in its long-term development by introducing fresh concepts.

The most important features of the Call Recorder – Cube ACR

  1. The Call Recorder – Cube ACR’s key characteristics
  2. The software is totally free.
  3. supports voice call recording across the board.
  4. recording voice calls on Facebook and WhatsApp.
  5. It is continually updated with brand-new content.
  6. Calls may be secretly recorded.
  7. supports every version of Android in use today.

What exactly does WhatsApp Call Recorder – Cube ACR do?

One of the most well-known apps in this category is the Call Recorder – Cube ACR programme, which enables you to record phone calls via calls as well as calls from social networking apps like WhatsApp and many other applications.

It is the best in its field because it is a totally secure app that you can use in complete secrecy to record calls. It also records these calls in the best quality and gives you control over that matter. Through it, you can record calls from WhatsApp, Viber, IMO, Facebook, and Wechat, and the app also promises you a lot of other things because it is constantly being updated to include all the latest features.

How to Record WhatsApp Calls on iPhone and Android Using Call Recorder – Cube ACR Call Recorder – Cube ACR is one of the finest applications for recording online audio conversations as well as incoming and outgoing phone calls. It also works in several other apps, such as Skype, Viber, IMO, Line, Telegram, and many more.

The bad news is that the WhatsApp messaging and instant chat app does not allow you to record calls, despite the fact that there are a number of methods you may utilise social networking applications to accomplish it. Be voice calls, so you’ll need a third-party software. In this post, we’ll introduce you to the greatest app for recording calls on your phone, one that can record both incoming and outgoing conversations completely secretively and automatically.

One of the most well-known applications in this industry, with 10 million users worldwide, it has already garnered many favourable evaluations for the robust features it provides Android phone users.

On an iPhone, how can I record WhatsApp calls?

Dear Friends, as you are all aware, recording a regular conversation on an iPhone is incredibly simple, and call recording tools are already incorporated into every new operating system. WhatsApp calls cannot be recorded using a mobile phone recorder since the calling technology is completely different. Therefore, we must utilise an outside programme in order to capture WhatsApp calls. You may record any incoming calls on WhatsApp on your smartphone by performing or utilising the method I’ll describe in this paragraph.

On the iPhone, call recording is incredibly simple. But it is quite hard to record WhatsApp calls, much like Android. So today, after doing much research, I discovered an app for all of my pals that allows users to record all WhatsApp calls. The “Acr call recorder – for iPhone” app is available for download and usage by iPhone users. Although you must provide this programme with a few settings before you can use it on your iPhone and access all of its functions without any issues, it is really simple to use.
Download Here

How to Use the Cube ACR App to Record WhatsApp Calls:

Step #1: Launch the Google Play Store and download the Cube ACR app, or download it directly to your smartphone from this page.

Step #2: Open the app now. A welcome page will display; click “Next” as normal to grant the app permission to keep recordings of calls, hear voice calls, identify incoming and departing calls, and other functions.

Step #3: If your device can record VoIP calls, it will ask for your permission to do so; otherwise, it will display an error message that reads, “Your device cannot record VoIP calls.” This function is not available.

Select “Record” from the “Settings” menu by tapping the menu icon (the horizontal bar at the bottom). Simply scroll down and, as seen in the image, enable/turn on VoIP Support Checking under VoIP Recording.

Step #4: The recording will now begin automatically whenever a call on WhatsApp or your phone comes in. The floating icon that displays on the screen allows you to modify the automated call history for every given call.

I’m done now. Any incoming or outgoing call may now be simply or automatically recorded. Among the various choices available, you can also check additional settings like the default storage location from the menu. Share this explanation with your friends if you found it helpful, and please subscribe to our YouTube channel, Facebook page, and Twitter account to stay updated.

To use this app, you must grant all of the requested permissions. If you do not know what a permit is intended for, kindly do not grant it. Use this app or grant rights at YOUR OWN RISK. does not advise you to grant all of your phone’s permissions. However, you may not be able to use the programme exactly as you like.

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