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How to Use WhatsApp’s Night Mode (Dark Mode) on Android – WhatsApp in Dark Mode

October 11, 2023 (2 months ago)


One of the most widely used messaging platforms, WhatsApp has 1.5 billion monthly active users globally. Yet, when it comes to brand-new features like the dark theme (night mode), this app is owned by Facebook. A function called night mode is used to enhance visuals in dim lighting. By including this new function, WhatsApp has made its customers pleased since they may utilise it while using their smart device. The Night Mode WhatsApp’s “night mode” or “theme” allows for the creation of white text on a black backdrop, which improves nighttime vision. The dark theme is the ideal display option at night since it doesn’t strain your eyes, but the night mode (dark theme) extends battery life and your battery charge finishes later. You may now switch WhatsApp to night mode. Stay with us today on Android Time as we show you how to enable WhatsApp’s dark theme and night mode.

  • 1. Use the link to upgrade WhatsApp to the most recent version.
  • 2. Launch the software, then click the “three dots together” option in the upper left corner.

  • 3 . Choose the ” Settings ” option.

  • 4. Choose the “Dialogues” option within the program’s options section.

  • 5. From the Conversations section, choose ” Background “.

  • 6. From the theme selection area, pick “Dark,” then click the “Accept” button.

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