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WhatsApp Plus Features Explained in Detail 2023

October 11, 2023 (2 months ago)


Check out WhatsApp Plus APK, the most amazing modification ever created for our most popular instant messaging protocol WhatsApp, which we can now only use at our fingers. You all waited for a very long time looking for instant messaging that was secure and calm.

In that situation, WhatsApp Plus doesn’t have any rivals, and their impressive feature set is the main factor in this. The reason we didn’t go into great detail about the capabilities of this future WhatsApp MOD on the homepage was to progressively improve the convenience. Your patience is now over thanks to this essay, which is entirely based on WhatsApp Plus APK’s features.

Before utilising the software separately, we’ve artistically outlined all the privileges in hopes that you’ll find it helpful. The WhatsApp Plus’s most important settings, choices, and advantages are all given here with a thorough overview and classification.


More than 100 websites provide the same same material and WhatsApp Plus’ features; everything is so close it may have been copied. You would still find it difficult to comprehend such functions on other websites.
They have combined all of those factors, which is the cause.
We would advise you to read the following list if you value convenience or want to learn the clear and concise feature description of WhatsApp Plus:


As we have the initial Primary Elements here, we’ve dispersed all the key features of our WhatsApp MOD with appropriate class titles. You might also refer to them as WhatsApp Plus’s sole miraculous features, which are exclusive to this amazing MOD:


Priorities first! These days, communication and sharing of material are highly valued, but WhatsApp’s most recent update—Message deletion for everyone—was quite irritating. Similar to Instagram’s unsend tool, a friend or relative may remove any message you’ve sent on your behalf.

It’s essential for privacy, I agree! It certainly spoils friendly enjoyment. WhatsApp Plus gives you the Anti Delete permission if you wish to prevent others from deleting your messages. They won’t be able to remove messages after enabling it in Plus Settings.


Between our hectic existence and all the live events, TIME is the only thing we lack. We need time to do our urgent work, yet we still must promptly respond to critical messages.

We can escape that situation with the aid of Python bots, but nobody has the time to code. Don’t worry, and use WhatsApp Plus to handle everything. You may modify the Auto-Reply function in this MOD version to have any of your contacts respond within the allotted time.


These days, online enterprises are operating at the same speed as Japan’s bullet trains. To share with all of their clients, they are introducing new deals, providing new advantages, and making some intriguing upgrades.

Sharing is Caring, and what developers here do with applications like WhatsApp Plus is to make that feasible. With the help of this WhatsApp MOD, you may plan messages in advance for all of your important events, deals, and meets.


Space is the most important requirement, regardless of whether you’re engaged in personal engagement, internet commerce, IT work, or freelancing. We can’t let WhatsApp ping in the middle of grabbing and attending key meetings, right?

Not to worry! Airplane Mode won’t be required any more. Simply download the WhatsApp Plus APK and turn on the DND Mode as soon as possible to cut off WhatsApp’s internet access until you turn it back on.


As we stated above, Sharing is Caring, thus when we receive vital messages from our favourite WhatsApp groups, we can’t help but share them with our friends and family.

Despite this restraint, the official WhatsApp software introduces restrictions that limit message forwarding to a maximum of three groups or individuals at once. It’s time to enhance our WhatsApp Plus forwarding capabilities so we can send 250 messages at once.


Yesterday, I went to a great theme park and took some amazing photos of my seven brave friends. It was a fantastic occasion, but because WhatsApp only allows for low-resolution sharing, I was unable to share those pictures with them thereafter.

Have you become tired of the official WhatsApp’s low-quality image barrier as well? If that’s the case, you must immediately switch to WhatsApp Plus APK. Fortunately, you don’t even need to switch to Document mode to send any image up to 4 MBs to any of your pals.


We can accept conflict practically everywhere, but when it involves online message, it is quite difficult. Thus, WhatsApp prevents us from sending messages without storing phone numbers to the Phone Book.

With this hack, you may send messages to any contact by just copying their phone number into WhatsApp. To use this trick, download WhatsApp Plus. On the three-dot menu, there is a Message Number option; give it a try right now!


We have yet again run across a very frustrating issue with the official WhatsApp client, Asking for Status! Everybody finds it difficult to ask their connections to share their status so they may post it on the status wall as well.

If you’re one of them, use this unique WhatsApp MOD to gain a free Download Status permission. Simply download it to your phone, then open any status to see a download icon for saving it to your storage.


Today’s messages are like opportunities since, surprise, we receive them constantly. Additionally, WhatsApp does not have a feature that displays the user’s current online status on their contact’s profile wall.

It’s time to enjoy WhatsApp Plus’s quick gratification. This programmed version has an Always Online function that, without any additional complication, shows you online on all of your contact phone screens.


When we were growing up, reel cameras were the only way to take images; there were no filters, colour corrections, or other features. However, modern technology has moved us closer to simple media formats like emoticons.

Additionally, WhatsApp Plus offers access to several unique media kinds that are not currently available on the main WhatsApp client. Let’s learn everything there is to know about each of them separately:


If you’ve ever used WhatsApp on your phone, you’ve probably seen the developers’ decision to remove the outdated emoticons. The issue here is that they haven’t been informed.

Change is necessary, and it can only happen if you download and use WhatsApp Plus. Seven alternative WhatsApp emoji styles, including Facebook-style, iOS-style, and vintage WhatsApp styles, are included in this Plus edition.


It’s time to talk about WhatsApp’s next distinctive media category, known as Stickers, after stunning emoticons. More than a thousand stickers have already been created for WhatsApp, but to access them all, you’ll need some third-party applications.

Because it comes with more than a thousand amusing stickers inside the programme interface, WhatsApp Plus APK is the perfect option for those looking for convenience. Additionally, you may download other packages that you want to incorporate into this WhatsApp MOD. View the whole guide.


We are all aware that WhatsApp Plus is a more advanced version of the standard WhatsApp, and as a result, it has improved media sharing features. Web pictures come next in this list.

We enjoy sending photographs in response to current events, holidays, and, mostly, our appetites. In light of this, this WhatsApp MOD incorporates an online image search engine in addition to the functionalities listed above. As many photographs as you can find, then instantly share them with friends. You may read the entire manual here.


Because of the low barriers to picture sharing and forwarding provided by developers, the majority of individuals now go from WhatsApp to Telegram and other services.

But since you’re the wise one, WhatsApp Plus also provides greater image sharing as you have a large forward limit. With this upgraded WhatsApp, you may no longer send your buddies a maximum of 50 photos.


Today, the ease of Android apps is supported by two distinct pillars: security and privacy. We can’t cope with any of these easily because both demand constant tracking while utilising web programmes.

Given that WhatsApp Plus servers are built to be extremely safe, it also comes with several extra security measures that you may enable just to avoid being targeted by online dangers. Now all you have to do is work on enabling the following adjustments:


Let’s start with Program Locker, the most security-rich need for the best instant messaging app like WhatsApp. We’ve all fallen victim to the heavy usage of add-ons for third-party app lockers, and the issue is exacerbated when we utilise older smartphones without app locks.

Following the installation of WhatsApp Plus APK on your phone, you don’t need to do anything. You receive an app-lock add-on that has already been installed within the app UI. Choose between a pattern, PIN, or fingerprint lock by installing this app and enabling WhatsApp Screen Lock.


The most well-known instant messaging platform security measures include locking, concealing, and utilising a second location for the programme. However, WhatsApp Plus employs certain cutting-edge strategies that are beyond your comprehension.

Particular profile locking is the first. Kids shouldn’t lock the WhatsApp app, yet legends are made when it comes to locking particular profiles. Download this Plus MOD as quickly as possible and start enjoying if you wish to conceal and safeguard a specific WhatsApp discussion.

Techniques helped WhatsApp Plus become the greatest WhatsApp MOD in the world, and right now we’re talking about Media Hider, another convenience-enhancing feature. When relatives or friends accidentally glance at some of the images we posted to WhatsApp, we might sometimes find ourselves in a sticky situation.

Stop stressing about this issue. No one using your smartphone can stream any movie or image received on WhatsApp using the Gallery or Photos app if you use the Hide Media from Gallery popup setting. Is that not safe? view specialised guide.


We promise never to let you down by off-roading all of the most recent advantages included within WhatsApp Plus. All the security features from the regular WhatsApp APK are there in this MOD as well.

With WhatsApp Plus, you may talk with any of your WhatsApp contacts without disclosing any information or message characters to Facebook or us. WhatsApp Plus borrows the most popular old functionality from the regular programme. You are most secure!


We were able to effectively recognise all of WhatsApp Plus’ security-related first-pillar functionalities. It’s time to look at the privacy options offered by the Plus developers right now.

It has some incredible privacy features that will dramatically increase your privacy without costing you a single cent because it is a MOD enhanced version. The control panel of the app would be totally in your hands, with no interruptions, unlike the official app.

Our need for privacy is closely related to our need for time. Although we can’t be free or accessible to everyone at once, WhatsApp’s terms and conditions show that we are online and visible to all contacts.

You won’t have to fret much longer, though! You may quickly conceal your status from any phone that has stored your number in their WhatsApp contact list by enabling Hide Online Status in WhatsApp Plus. Stop carrying the Online status and be free to chat with anybody you choose! look at the specific guide.


Nowadays, everyone experiences FOMO (fear of missing out), which is why we communicate via instant messaging protocols consistently and thoroughly. However, the official WhatsApp makes it difficult and unintentionally increases FOMO with that typing… status.

You must stay away from using WhatsApp Plus if you detest the Typing… status as well. You’d find a setting to activate Hide Typing there, and you’d be totally free of FOMO.


On the official WhatsApp applications, we also encounter hurdles akin to the previous Typing… status, such as Recording…, Capturing…, and Recording video… Don’t worry, technology will solve this issue as well!

All you have to do is adhere to the specific steps and set Hide Recording to avoid WhatsApp Plus’s FOMO-rich complications. Following that, you may engage in instant messaging with your loved ones.


Every instant chatter’s heart is buried deep behind the present barrier we’re discussing. Yes, we are referring about the Last Seen status of the official WhatsApp app. WhatsApp updates each contact’s status with the most recent time we were online for messaging.

You should upgrade to WhatsApp Plus if you become frustrated by this and didn’t want your girlfriend, father, or best friend to find out where you were last seen. Here, you may activate Hide Last Seen to prevent anyone in your contact list from seeing Last Seen.


Are you aware of the reasons why WhatsApp is the most well-known instant messaging protocol worldwide? We utilised WeChat, Skype, and Snapchat, but why did WhatsApp account for the vast majority of traffic? The motive is for convenience! It offers options like Blue Ticks and simplifies communications.

However, no one can predict when a convenience will become the greatest inconvenience. These days, nobody wants to display the Blue Tick, even after reading messages, and WhatsApp Plus is the only app that makes this possible. Hide Blue Tick is free with this Plus version.


Everyone’s first aspiration is to reach greater heights, regardless matter whether the component is a life assignment or an Android app. We would be there for you at all times, helping you to reach new heights without being stopped.

As a result, WhatsApp Plus began to conceal the Second Tick access. After activating this, one may also conceal the Second Tick from the message sender, leading them to believe that their message wasn’t properly sent or that you are offline. You have already read that message behind my back.


We all like stalking, believe it or not! I’m not referring to the females here; rather, I’m referring to everyone’s lifestyle, including our closest friends, cousins, and even instructors. When we see the statuses of our contacts, the official WhatsApp programme cruelly sends a Status seen docket to their status windows. Whether or not we wish to let them know.

With WhatsApp Plus, you can improve your communications and turn flaws into strengths. Additionally, you may conceal the Status Seen label from contacts’ status displays using this feature. Sounds enchanted, huh?


We have earned a reputation for providing WhatsApp Plus users with all of the necessary magical, security, and privacy features. Let’s now discuss design, customisation, and general customization of the WhatsApp app.

You may discover all the UI personalization and modification options in the full list that follows, just as they are available for free with this unique WhatsApp MOD. Let’s start with the first modification option so we don’t squander any more valuable time:


The majority of girls and women are colour enthusiasts and are aware of the greatest colour gradients that we guys aren’t even aware of. That curiosity, though, is extraordinary and will be much more useful with WhatsApp Plus.

You may change the app’s general colours using WhatsApp Plus APK, whether you’re a man or woman in love with a gorgeous colour gradient. In the header gradient customisation and overall app colour engraving, you may select one main and one secondary colour.


Is this your birthday, Christmas, Halloween, Diwali, Holi, or the anniversary of your wedding? Accordingly, whichever event is taking place today, you may completely customise WhatsApp to match that event to create beautiful discussion throughout the world.

You may browse or scroll through the 5000+ pre-designed theme templates that WhatsApp Plus gives you, install them, and then use them to customise the look and feel of your app. Along with changing the app’s colours, it will also offer some amazing gradients and backgrounds to impress your friends.


Since the creation of the WhatsApp instant messaging technology more than 15 years ago, they haven’t altered the logo for their programme. Although it appears high-end, it may be much more lovely in other hues, such as Black, Red, and Yellow.

WhatsApp Plus is the best option if you wish to select one of the 10 hilarious WhatsApp notification icons. You won’t be let down by your decision in terms of messaging or personalization, so download it right away and thank us later.


Choosing unique header designs and colour gradients may seem entertaining at first, but who has time to constantly recall colour schemes, border proportions, and gradient styles? What if, when deleting WhatsApp Plus, you neglected to take a snapshot of your colour preferences?

Because of this, WhatsApp Plus gives you the ability to create your own theme and export it to a local drive or the cloud. Then, to enjoy the same colours without a single modification, you may import the identical theme style while reinstalling this Plus version on your smartphone.


Customizing colours, using themes, and creating notification icons all sound very futuristic, but can you imagine tick styles being available in WhatsApp? Yes, I’m referring to the precise blue ticks you get following messages—the same tick styles.

In addition to including the most uncommon blue tick designs, such as iOS ticks, traffic signals, daydreams, toys, and sandboxes, WhatsApp Plus APK is a very futuristic Android application. Select one of the various styles from the interface to begin enjoying this wonderful technological feature.

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