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WhatsApp Stop Working; A Shocking News For Android And Ios Users

October 11, 2023 (2 months ago)


In a recent update, WhatsApp warned all smartphone users of news in which it listed certain brands and models of phones that would no longer be compatible with WhatsApp. This news from WhatsApp is quite shocking. Neither Android nor iOS will support WhatsApp.

Several years ago, WhatsApp made the announcement that it will no longer support Android 2.1 or earlier handsets. The only app that can operate on Android 4.1 and above and up to version 10 is WhatsApp. According to the official announcement, Android version 4.1, often known as Jelly Bean, was released in 2011. All mobile devices that are older than version 4.1 will no longer be able to access WhatsApp, according to WhatsApp. Or the WhatsApp messaging app won’t work with any smartphone brands or models produced before to 2011. Although WhatsApp also made another announcement about certain mobile phone manufacturers, according the notification, these phones would still be able to operate WhatsApp. But apart from them, WhatsApp will no longer be supported on all smartphones starting on November 1, 2021.

For Jio Features mobile devices Another decision by WhatsApp was made, and it was said that “selected phones that are running KaiOS 2.5.1 and newer, including the JioPhone and JioPhone 2” would continue to support WhatsApp. According to rumours, the following smartphones will no longer support WhatsApp as of November 1. In addition to ceasing to support Android-based smartphones, WhatsApp has also officially discontinued supporting the following iPhone models:
What should you do if your phone’s support for the WhatsApp messaging app ends?
In the event that you’re using an outdated smartphone, WhatsApp will no longer function on devices running Android 4.0 or earlier. Millions of users with outdated cellphones would be unable to access WhatsApp, the most widely used messaging software, in this case. Users must update their cellphones in order to utilise them in the future. Otherwise, they risk losing their crucial conversations, etc.


It was a highly severe scenario and a significant loss of data for customers when WhatsApp announced a major upgrade regarding ending support for older Android mobile phones. Some areas still have individuals using extremely old Android-based smartphones. These individuals and their crucial communications are significantly impacted by this shocking news from the WhatsApp organisation.

The list of smartphones that can no longer run WhatsApp is shown below:


Apple iPhone SE, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus,


Galaxy SII, Galaxy Trend II, Galaxy S3 small, Galaxy Core, Galaxy Xcover 2, and Galaxy Ace 2 are examples of Samsung smartphones.


the LG Lucid 2, the Optimus L5 Dual, the Optimus L4 II Dual, the Optimus F3Q, the Optimus F7, the Optimus F5, the Optimus L5, the Optimus L5 II, the Optimus L3 II, the Optimus L7, the Optimus L7 II, the Optimus F6, Enact, the Optimus F3, the Optimus L4 II, the Optimus L2 II, the


Grand Memo, Grand X Quad V987, Grand S Flex, and ZTE V956


Huawei Ascend G740, Ascend Mate, Ascend P1 S, Ascend D2, Ascend D1 Quad XL, and Ascend D2


Sony’s Xperia Neo L, Xperia Miro, and Xperia Arc S, the Lenovo A820, HTC Desire 500, Alcatel One Touch Evo 7, Archos 53 Platinum, Flea F1, Caterpillar Cat B15, Wiko Cink Five, Wiko Darknight, and the UMI X2 are some examples of compatible mobile devices.

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