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YoWhatsApp APK Official Version Download 2023

October 11, 2023 (2 months ago)

Time flies, and so do Android applications and games; we all enjoyed GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp Gold from the GB Team’s creators. YoWhatsApp has saved Modded WhatsApp users since they have completely ceased developing it.

YoWhatsApp contains all of the functions that were included in GbWhatsApp, plus the developers have added a few additional secret features that we will mention in this post below. Remember that installing customised WhatsApp is not permitted by WhatsApp authorities. You may try it out, but don’t use it for too long or you’ll be banned.

YoWhatsApp is free and may be installed on your Android smartphone with two additional WhatsApp accounts. Choose from the other two packages if you wish to install YoWhatsApp alongside official WhatsApp or iOS WhatsApp.

WhatsApp chatting has become an essential part of our daily lives, whether we are waking up in the morning or going to bed. We constantly open WhatsApp messenger to check for personal and business communications. However, as WhatsApp has recently become more transparent, we sometimes struggle to maintain privacy. Yo WhatsApp is here to save us from disguising our online behaviour and utilising WhatsApp as if we were anonymous.

What is YoWhatsapp?

YoWhatsApp is unlike any other hacked WhatsApp application. The novelty of this design is that the navigation is integrated, and you may customise the application to your liking. You may customise the size of your chat conversations, provide privacy to certain persons on your contact list, and much more.

YoWhatsApp 2023 Features

If you want to install YoWhatsApp APK, be sure to grab the most recent version and utilise it; then, get ready to groove since this programme will make you appreciate every minute of it.

Security and privacy

  • Freeze Last Seen: Navigate to Yo Mod > Privacy & Security > Freeze Last Seen. Last seen freezing
  • Disable Forwarded Messages: This enables you to resend messages sent by others without displaying the “Forwarded tag” to the recipient.
  • Who Can Contact Me: You have the option of selecting Everyone/My contacts/My contacts expect/Select specific contacts or Nobody.
  • Individualised privacy.
  • Hide View Status: Do not allow others to view your stories/status.
  • Anti-Delete Status: Deleted statuses and stories will not be removed from your account.
  • Anti-remove Messages: When others remove messages, they remain for you.
  • Show Blue Ticks After Reply: The blue ticks will only appear after you respond to the contact.

Contact Information and Group Privacy:

  • Blue ticks should be kept hidden.
  • Remove the second tick
  • Remove the blue microphone.
  • Hide your typing
  • Hide the recording.

Privacy Concerns Regarding Broadcasts:

  • Blue ticks should be kept hidden.
  • Remove the second tick
  • Remove the blue microphone.
  • WhatsApp Lock: Lock the app using the built-in lock mechanism by fingerprint/pattern/PIN.

Themes by Yo WhatsApp

There is no way to modify the user interface of regular WhatsApp. Even Facebook’s parent company has introduced a dark style for Facebook Messenger, but not WhatsApp, which has a massive user base. Don’t worry; YoWhatsApp makes use of a WhatsApp Plus database that has over 5000 themes that can be downloaded and installed for free.

You may choose from a variety of themes, ranging from bright to dark, to match your outfit. The themes may be downloaded and loaded from the SD card. You may save and restore them for later use, or you can remove them and start again.


  • Colour: Use a gradient or solid colour to change the colour of the whole user interface.
  • Action Bar Colour: Change the colour of the action bar text across all windows.
  • backdrop colour: You may choose between white and dark for the backdrop.
  • Status Bar: You may change the colour of the status bar in each window.
  • Navigation Bar: Choose from a variety of hues for the navigation bar.


  • Font Style: You may choose from 30 different font styles.
  • Download and use an alternative collection of emojis using Emoji Variant.
  • Icons for the Launcher: Change the YoWhatsApp Notification Icons launcher icon: Change the YoWhatsApp Media notification icon.


You may hide WhatsApp media from the gallery by navigating to Yo Mod Settings > Universal > Hide WhatsApp Media. Hide media in the gallery > choose Photo/Video/gifs.

Installation Requirements for YoWhatsApp APK

YoWhatsApp has just two requirements:

Video & Instructions for YoWhatsApp

Watch this video to learn how to download and install YoWhatsApp on your Android smartphone alongside another WhatsApp account, such as Fouad’s WhatsApp or OG Whatsapp. You may also save time by going above and clicking the YoWhatsAppp download 2023 free link.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I put it on my iPhone?
No, this is an APK bundle designed just for Android.

Will my chats be deleted if I install YoWhatsApp?
Before installing the updated YoWhatsApp, make a backup.

Is this a ban? Will I be barred?
The Anti-Ban function is available in all modified WhatsApp applications.

Can I have many WhatsApp accounts on the same phone?
Yes, numerous Whatsapp accounts may be used on the same device. You’ll need several phone numbers as well as the WhatsApp package.

Why am I receiving delayed notifications?
Disable the “Hide Second Tick” option in YOWhatsApp.

Why does my YOWhatsApp keep crashing?
IOS WhatsApp supports Android 5.0 Lollipop and above.

How can I save and restore my conversations on a new phone?
Go to Advanced > Universal > Backup & Restore > Save your media conversations.

Why are no pictures loaded in the theme store?
Go to the app’s settings and grant storage access.

Can we back up to Google Drive?
Backups to Google Drive are not supported by any modified WhatsApp app.

Is it possible to utilise YOWhatsApp in a custom ROM?
Yes, it is compatible with any Android-based operating system higher than Android 5.0.


If you want to prevent a WhatsApp ban, avoid installing and uninstalling hacked WhatsApp programmes on a regular basis. You can also get WhatsApp Aero, which has an anti-ban function, and YoWhatsApp Mini, which is a compact version of YoWhatsApp. It also offers a highly user-friendly interface that allows you to customise WhatsApp to your liking. Consider YoWhatsApp Business Mod if you have a business profile.

Modded WhatsApp Applications are not officially launched on the Google Play Store platform, allowing for further third-party installation. Please disable third-party app installation in your smartphone’s security settings.YoWhatsApp APK Official Version Download

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