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BT Snapchat Penguin v1.50

What's News
    • Location Changer
    • Change your location on snap map
    • Night Mode option beta 2 (99% of UI)
    • Saving snaps show toast notification
    • More fixes and improvements
    • Secret Screenshot without knowing
    • Anti Screen Record without knowing
    • Hide View Snap
    • Hide View Story
    • Hide Read Messages
    • Hide Online in chat
    • Hide Typing...? in chat
    • Secret Typing (don't notify person before sending messages)
App NameBT Snapchat Penguin
Latest Versionv1.50
Get it On Goolge Google
MOD InfoExtra Feature
OSAndroid / 4.4 and up

Introduction to BT Snapchat

BT Snapchat is a modified version of the popular social media app developed by Taha-Al-Qudsi. It offers additional features and enhancements that aim to provide users with an enhanced Snapchat experience. With a focus on privacy and exciting features, BT Snapchat brings new possibilities to the world of sharing photos, videos, and stories.

What is BT Snapchat?

BT Snapchat is a modified version of Snapchat that introduces various features and customization options not found in the official app. Developed by Taha-Al-Qudsi, BT Snapchat offers users a unique and enhanced Snapchat experience, allowing them to personalize their privacy settings, access new tools, and enjoy additional features not available in the original app.

Features of BT Snapchat

Enhanced Privacy Counters: Users have more control over their location visibility on Snap Map. They can choose to share their location with “my friends,” enable “ghost mode” for complete privacy, or select specific friends who can see their location.

Live Stories: BT Snapchat includes live stories, allowing users to view snaps shared from specific locations. This feature provides a glimpse into what is happening in different places at a given time, making it easier to stay updated and connected.

Heat Maps: The app features heat maps that highlight areas with high activity and popularity on the Snap Map. This feature enables users to discover trending places and explore popular spots in their vicinity.

Star Icon: Users can have a star icon displayed next to their profile name, adding a unique touch to their Snapchat presence.

Photo Editing Tools: BT Snapchat provides an array of tools to capture and edit photos, enabling users to enhance their images before sharing them with their followers.

Media Sharing and Chat: Users can easily chat, send or receive media files, and share stories with their friends and followers, fostering seamless communication and content sharing.

Group Video Chat: BT Snapchat allows for group video chats with up to 16 friends simultaneously, making it easy to connect with multiple people at once or have one-on-one conversations.

Best Friend Pinning: Users can pin a friend as their best friend, ensuring quick access and instant visibility of their profile.

Friendship and Chat Settings: The app provides various options to manage friendships, chat settings, and story preferences, allowing users to customize their Snapchat experience according to their preferences.

SnapPlus Spotlight Videos: Users can enjoy watching short SnapPlus Spotlight videos and even download them for later viewing, expanding their entertainment options within the app.

Free Snapchat Codes: BT Snapchat offers the ability to easily obtain exclusive Snapchat codes at no cost, unlocking additional features and benefits.

Pros of BT Snapchat (Snapchat Gold)

  1. Extended Snap Duration: With BT Snapchat, you can prevent snaps from disappearing after the usual 10-second duration, allowing you to view them for a longer time and avoid the time constraint.
  2. Snap Golden Score: The app displays a Snapchat Golden Score, which represents your engagement on the platform based on the number of snaps sent and received, including stories. It adds a gamification aspect to your Snapchat experience.
  3. Snap Lenses: BT Snapchat offers the ability to use Snapchat lenses, which are special animated effects that can be applied to your photos. These lenses allow for creative and fun enhancements to your snapshots, adding an extra level of personalization.
  4. Geofilters: Geofilters are location-specific filters that can be added to your snaps. With BT Snapchat, you can access and enable geofilters, providing a unique and customized touch to your photos based on your current location. Additionally, the app allows you to create your own geofilters, which can be advantageous for businesses and events.
  5. Snap Plus Code: Each Snapchat user has a unique QR code called Snapcode. With BT Snapchat, you can easily add friends to your Snapchat list by scanning their Snapcodes, simplifying the process of connecting and expanding your network on the platform.
  6. Snapcode Selfie: BT Snapchat allows you to customize your Snapcode by adding a personal photo. This personalized Snapcode is visible to all your friends and other users of the app, adding a touch of personal branding and recognition to your profile.
  7. Private Chat Messages: Using BT Snapchat, your chat messages will disappear after they are viewed, ensuring a level of privacy and confidentiality in your conversations. Additionally, the app notifies you if a user takes a screenshot of your messages, keeping you informed about potential screenshot activities.
  8. Memories Feature: BT Snapchat supports the Memories feature, which allows you to store and organize your snapshots. You can choose to keep your memories private or share them publicly. Moreover, you have the option to add your old snapshots to your story, providing an opportunity to revisit and share past moments with your followers.

Cons of BT Snapchat (Snapchat Gold)

  1. Modified App Risks: Using modified apps like BT Snapchat carries certain risks. These apps are not developed or endorsed by the official Snapchat team, which means they may not receive regular updates or security patches. There is a possibility of encountering bugs, compatibility issues, or security vulnerabilities.
  2. Unofficial Source: BT Snapchat is published on the Bold website (, which is not the official source for Snapchat downloads. Downloading apps from unofficial sources may pose risks, including the potential for downloading malware or compromised versions of the app.
  3. Increased App Size: BT Snapchat has a larger file size compared to the official Snapchat app. This larger size may consume more storage space on your device, potentially impacting overall device performance and available storage capacity.
  4. Unsupported Features: As a modified version, BT Snapchat may introduce new features not officially supported by Snapchat. While these features can be appealing, they may not align with the intended user experience or design principles of the original app. Additionally, unsupported features may not work reliably or as expected.
  5. Lack of Official Updates: Unlike the official Snapchat app, BT Snapchat may not receive regular updates or benefit from new features and improvements introduced by Snapchat. This can result in missing out on the latest features, bug fixes, and security enhancements provided by the official app.
  6. Possible Violation of Terms of Service: Using modified apps like BT Snapchat may be considered a violation of Snapchat’s Terms of Service. While the risk of consequences is uncertain, it’s important to be aware that using modified apps can potentially lead to account suspension or other penalties imposed by Snapchat.

FAQ – BT Snapchat (Snapchat Gold)

  1. How do I download BT Snapchat (Snapchat Gold)? To download BT Snapchat, go to the official Bold website at ““. Look for the download button associated with BT Snapchat and click on it. You will be directed to download the latest version of BT Snapchat from a direct link on Mediafire. Once downloaded, install the app on your device and proceed with the next steps.
  2. How do I register and create an account on BT Snapchat? After opening the BT Snapchat app, tap on the “Register” button. Enter your birthday, email address, and choose a password for your account. You will also need to complete a bot verification process to confirm your human identity and prevent automated account creation.
  3. How do I choose a username for my BT Snapchat account? When creating your BT Snapchat account, you will have the opportunity to choose a username. It is recommended to select a username that reflects your identity or brand. Keep in mind that you can later change your username without creating a new account.
  4. Can I add my friends to BT Snapchat automatically? Yes, after completing the registration process, BT Snapchat will show you the people in your contact list who have allowed themselves to be found in the search on Snapchat. You can add them to your friends list, and if they accept your request, you will be able to exchange snaps with them.
  5. How can I create my own Snapcode on BT Snapchat? To create your own Snapcode on BT Snapchat, tap on your profile icon within the app. Look for the barcode selfie option, and when you click on it, the app will automatically capture five selfies for your profile picture. Keep in mind that these images will be viewable by others, so choose appropriate images for your profile.
  6. Can I control the privacy of my profile on BT Snapchat? Yes, you have the ability to control the privacy of your profile on BT Snapchat. By changing your privacy settings, you can prevent your profile from being displayed in search results. This means that people who have added you to their contact list will not be able to find your profile through the search feature.


BT Snapchat, developed by Taha-Al-Qudsi, brings exciting enhancements and features to the popular Snapchat app. With improved privacy controls, the inclusion of live stories and heat maps, customizable options, and additional tools for photo editing and media sharing, BT Snapchat offers a unique and enriched Snapchat experience. Whether it’s connecting with friends, exploring popular locations, or expressing creativity through photos and videos, BT Snapchat adds a new dimension to the world of social media.

  • Location Changer
  • Change your location on snap map
  • Night Mode option beta 2 (99% of UI)
  • Saving snaps show toast notification
  • More fixes and improvements
  • Secret Screenshot without knowing
  • Anti Screen Record without knowing
  • Hide View Snap
  • Hide View Story
  • Hide Read Messages
  • Hide Online in chat
  • Hide Typing...? in chat
  • Secret Typing (don't notify person before sending messages)

Download BT Snapchat Penguin

Download (134MB)

You are now ready to download BT Snapchat Penguin for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please read our MOD Info and installation instructions carefully for the game & app to work properly
  • To prevent users from installing apk files from outside, Google Play has now added a warning when installing apks & mods. PlayProtect will tell you the file is harmful. Simply, just click “Install anyway (unsafe)”.
  • Downloading via 3rd party software like IDM, ADM (Direct link) is currently blocked for abuse reasons.
  • Read the FAQ carefully for more details.

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