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App NameGAWhatsApp Mini
Latest Versionv26.00
Get it On Goolge Google
MOD InfoExtra Feature
OSAndroid / 4.1 and up


GAWhatsApp Business Mini is a customized messaging application developed by alabidi_tech. It offers a streamlined and feature-rich communication experience for users who prefer a lightweight version of WhatsApp Business. This modified version, available at, is designed to enhance privacy, improve functionality, and provide additional options for personalization.

What is GAWhatsApp Business Mini?

GAWhatsApp Business Mini is a modified version of WhatsApp Business, tailored to cater to the needs of users who desire a compact yet powerful messaging app. With a file size of just 40MB, GAWhatsApp Business Mini offers a range of features and enhancements that optimize the user experience.

Key Features of GAWhatsApp Business Mini:

  1. Air update fix: GAWhatsApp Business Mini incorporates an air update fix feature, ensuring a smoother and more reliable update process for the application.
  2. Improved functionality: This modified version introduces various improvements and fixes, enhancing the overall performance and user experience.
  3. GA-whatsap. LITE style mod: GAWhatsApp Business Mini incorporates a stylish and lightweight design inspired by the popular GA-whatsap LITE, providing a visually appealing interface.
  4. Enhanced translation and icon customization: The application comes pre-translated, with modified icons designed to complement the dark theme for improved aesthetics.
  5. Stock style mod with privacy: GAWhatsApp Business Mini offers a stock-style modification that prioritizes privacy, allowing users to communicate securely and confidently.
  6. File sharing: Users can easily share files with their contacts, making it convenient to send documents, images, videos, and more.
  7. Cache cleaning: The application includes a cache cleaning feature, allowing users to clear unnecessary data and optimize storage usage.
  8. Toast online: GAWhatsApp Business Mini features a “toast online” option, providing real-time notifications when contacts come online.
  9. Fingerprint or pin lock: To ensure privacy and security, the app offers the option to lock access using fingerprint authentication or a pin code.
  10. Various extra functions: GAWhatsApp Business Mini introduces additional functions to enhance the user experience, such as GB privacy and the ability to download, copy status, and add subtitles.

Pros of GAWhatsApp Business Mini:

  1. GB privacy added: GAWhatsApp Business Mini incorporates GB privacy features, offering enhanced privacy options for users.
  2. Added download, copy status, and subtitles: Users can download, copy status updates, and add subtitles to media files, providing greater control and flexibility.
  3. New MOD for GA Mini with fast: The latest modification of GAWhatsApp Business Mini ensures a fast and efficient messaging experience.
  4. Added ability to copy BIO: Users can easily copy and share their profile bio with others, saving time and effort.
  5. Added ability to click the link in BIO: The app allows users to directly click on links shared in profile bios, enabling seamless navigation to external content.
  6. Added new chat with UnSave No: GAWhatsApp Business Mini introduces a new chat feature that prevents unsaved numbers from being added to the contact list.
  7. Added icon in broadcast messages: Broadcast messages now feature an additional icon, making it easier to identify and differentiate them from regular messages.
  8. Added Mention tag on the main screen: The app includes a Mention tag on the main screen, facilitating quick access to messages where the user is mentioned.
  9. Temporary ban elimination: GAWhatsApp Business Mini removes the temporary ban feature, ensuring uninterrupted communication for users.
  10. Various fixes and improvements: The app incorporates multiple fixes and improvements, enhancing stability, performance, and user experience.

Cons of GAWhatsApp Business Mini:

  1. While GAWhatsApp Business Mini offers a range of features and improvements, it is essential to note that modifying and using unofficial versions of WhatsApp may violate WhatsApp’s terms of service. Users should exercise caution and understand the potential risks involved in using modified applications.
  2. As with any modified application, there is a possibility of encountering compatibility issues or unexpected behavior due to the customization. Users may experience occasional bugs or glitches.
  3. Since GAWhatsApp Business Mini is not an official release, there may be a lack of official support channels or updates from the original WhatsApp developers. Users may need to rely on the developer’s community or forums for assistance.
  4. The app’s availability is limited to the developer’s publishing platform at Users should ensure they download the application from a trusted source to mitigate any security risks.
  5. The inclusion of additional features and modifications may increase the app’s complexity, potentially impacting device performance or consuming more system resources.
  6. Users who heavily rely on official WhatsApp features, integrations, or business-specific functionalities may find that GAWhatsApp Business Mini lacks certain capabilities or compatibility with official WhatsApp services.
  7. It is important to note that using modified versions of WhatsApp carries potential security risks, as the source code and security measures of the modified app may differ from the official version. Users should exercise caution when sharing sensitive information or engaging in business-related activities on modified platforms.

FAQ – GAWhatsApp Business Mini

1. What additional home screen styles are available in GAWhatsApp Business Mini? GAWhatsApp Business Mini offers 8 new shapes for the home screen, allowing users to customize their messaging interface according to their preferences.

2. Has the issue with polls not appearing in groups been resolved? Yes, the latest version of GAWhatsApp Business Mini includes a fix for the issue where polls were not appearing when created in groups.

3. Are there any improvements and fixes in the latest update? Yes, GAWhatsApp Business Mini includes regular improvements and fixes to enhance the overall performance and stability of the application.

4. Can you add subscribers to a new group message list all at once? Certainly! With GAWhatsApp Business Mini, when creating a new group message list, you have the option to add subscribers all at once by simply clicking on the “Select All” icon.

5. Can the group admin delete messages from group members? Yes, the group admin now has the ability to delete messages from group members. Please ensure that the option to not delete messages is turned off for this feature to work.

6. Will locked conversations still appear on the home screen? No, when you lock a conversation using GAWhatsApp Business Mini, its messages will not appear on the home screen, ensuring greater privacy.

7. Can I interact with status updates using GAWhatsApp Business Mini? Absolutely! You can now interact with status updates posted by your contacts using GAWhatsApp Business Mini.

8. Is it possible to send the same photo or video to multiple conversations at once? Yes, GAWhatsApp Business Mini allows you to select a photo or video from your gallery and send it to multiple conversations simultaneously, making it more convenient to share media.

9. How can I know the actual upload time of a file I shared? With GAWhatsApp Business Mini, when you upload a file, it will show you the actual time it was uploaded, providing accurate information.

10. Can I specify the audience who can view my status updates? Yes, when writing a status or sending media to the status section, GAWhatsApp Business Mini allows you to specify the audience who can view your status, giving you more control over your privacy.


GAWhatsApp Business Mini, developed by alabidi_tech and available at, offers a lightweight alternative to WhatsApp Business. With a size of just 40MB, it combines privacy, functionality, and customization to provide users with an improved messaging experience. The extensive list of features, including file sharing, cache cleaning, toast online notifications, and additional privacy options, make GAWhatsApp Business Mini an attractive choice for those seeking a versatile and efficient communication platform.

Version 26.0

  • Update to v2.23.15.24
  • Add privacy
  • Add status download
  • Add viewing the original message even after it has been modified
  • Adding a quick video send when pressing once on the mic button inside the conversation
  • Add a new look to the home page
  • Add sending photos / videos in high resolution
  • Add status sharing on Facebook
  • New look when clicking on the message
  • You can specify the duration of the message installation
  • Improvements to program performance

Version 24.0

  • Update to v2.23.4.79
  • Add Temporary ban has been eliminated
  • Add an option to automatically select messages in the conversation
  • Add a microphone button to make a voice recording as your case
  • Adding communities (the main interface - the three dots)
  • Add an option to change the audio recording for several voices (conversation - the three dots)
  • Add an option to read messages (conversation - the three dots)
  • Adding the option of supplications for every Muslim
  • Added re-show groups option separately
  • Now you can create an avatar profile
  • Now you can configure VPN proxy for WhatsApp
  • Now you can message yourself
  • Fix: This version is out of date...
  • Fix hide conversations
  • More improvements and fixes

Version 23.0

  • Update to v2.23.3.77
  • Add an option to send group messages to groups
  • Add a microphone button to make a voice recording as your case
  • Added an option to keep the message counter visible (the counter of unread messages will not disappear even after opening them)
  • Add the option to chat in one chat (messages will be sent and received in one chat)
  • Add an option to send messages in groups that do not allow this
  • Adding the ability to interact with the πŸ‘ symbol when clicking twice on the message
  • Add an option to change the reaction code πŸ‘ when double clicking on the message
  • Add an option to know the group admin (an icon will appear next to the group admin in the conversation)
  • Added an option to forward messages to more than 5 chats
  • Add an option to send images in HD quality
  • Added an option to send videos larger than 16MB
  • Added an option to send audios larger than 16 MB
  • Add an option to raise the number of group message subscribers to 500 subscribers instead of 256
  • Add a message counter (beside the names of group subscribers, the number of their messages will appear in the group information)
  • Added an option to hide the camera from the top bar
  • Add an option to enable installation from unknown sources in the number registration screen
  • Now you can turn videos into gifs when you send them
  • Now you can send video status longer than 30 seconds
  • Now you can create an avatar profile
  • Now you can configure VPN proxy for WhatsApp
  • Now you can message yourself
  • Fix hide reading plate
  • Fix showing true blue only after reply
  • Fixed the lack of group privacy
  • Fix the option to show a notification who has become online
  • Fix the option to confirm sending the sticker before sending it
  • Air update fix
  • More improvements and fixes

Version 22.0

  • GA-whatsap. LITE style mod.
  • Already translated, I changed the icons as they did not look good in the dark theme. I removed the protection to translate it.
  • It's a stock style mod with privacy
  • Share files
  • Cache cleaning
  • Toast online
  • Fingerprint or pin lock
  • Various extra functions

Version 21.0

  • Updated to Beta
  • GB privacy added
  • Added download, copy status and subtitles
  • New MOD for GA Mini with fast
  • Added that you can copy BIO
  • Added that you can click the link in BIO
  • Added a new chat with UnSave No
  • Added icon in broadcast messages
  • Added Mintion tag on main screen

Download GAWhatsApp Mini

Download (40MB)

You are now ready to download GAWhatsApp Mini for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please read our MOD Info and installation instructions carefully for the game & app to work properly
  • To prevent users from installing apk files from outside, Google Play has now added a warning when installing apks & mods. PlayProtect will tell you the file is harmful. Simply, just click β€œInstall anyway (unsafe)”.
  • Downloading via 3rd party software like IDM, ADM (Direct link) is currently blocked for abuse reasons.
  • Read the FAQ carefully for more details.

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