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Infected x Girl (High Damage, Weak enemy) v2.0.36 MOD APK

  • 感染×少女 is a game developed in a highly engaging story adventure style. This is a game that follows the next chapter of the same story that expands on the trendy previous game.

App Name Infected x Girl
Publisher AGE Inc.
Size 77MB
Latest Version v2.0.36
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MOD Info High Damage, Weak enemy
Installs 100K+
Rating 8555

What's new

  • Mod Menu
  • Enemy Deals Low Damage
  • Massive Player Damage
Modded by Yaskashije


感染×少女 is a game that can make you feel a lot of different particular emotions. If you are a fan of adventure games or simply someone who has experienced the game with part 1 before, this will be the game for you. Players who come to this game will be able to continue the fascinating story that the previous game is telling you. And a lot of attraction that only this game can bring to its players.

A scenario RPG of despair and excitement of “Bishojo x Zombie” drawn by the popular writer “Prisoner”!
The first part of the main story released in August 2016 was completed in February 2021, and the second part started in May 2021.


This is a game that is determined to be a sequel to be able to continue the story of the previously released chapter 1. And to make it easier for players to follow the plot that the previous chapter brought to the player, an overview of 感染×少女 has been added. In the 21XX years, an extremely virulent virus that has spread at breakneck speed has appeared on an artificial island, “Nagisawa New Town,” in Tokyo Bay, Japan.

With the infection of this harmful virus on the island, everyone on the island turned into zombies. But the very fortunate thing is that of all those infected with the virus, there was left a boy with dementia and a girl who was not infected. And their mission will be to fight this virus, find the hidden secrets, and save the world.


The sequel to the told story will begin 10 years after the terrifying tragedy that happened on the island of “Nagisawa New Town” in Tokyo Bay. The story of this chapter will not continue on the man-made island, but it is already the story of the main islands in Japan. This country seems to have lost the entire area of ​​Honshu island under national sovereignty due to the zombie tragedy.

So the game begins with a new capital, “Shintokyo,” established to protect the lives of its citizens. The warrior girls named “Valcure” have been trained to gain special skills and fight zombies. The story will begin with the intense conflict between “Valcure” and zombies will continue in an extremely attractive way inside your play.


In addition to the stories that will be told inside your game, the character will also occupy a significant role. A game that builds for itself a suitable character system will be able to help the game describe in detail what the plot possesses. Because of this, the producers of 感染×少女 have also built for their players an extensive character system to regulate the story.

To be able to most honestly describe the situations in the story that the game has proposed, the game will need to own a large number of characters. And according to the game’s statistics and announcements, players will be able to see more than 2.5 million different characters, including event situations. With this vast character system, game developers took a lot of time to research, create and deliver the final product.


Finally, one of the essential features for all games to pay attention to is the graphics. With games that own a good quality of graphics, they can easily attract a large number of players to experience because of their love of graphics. Therefore, the developers of the game have equipped their players with a highly sharp graphics system with the entire experience.

One of the highlights that any player will love with the graphics will be the visual style. The character images inside 感染×少女 will be composed in the style of a particularly famous anime from Japan. Along with the characters, the context of the game is also designed very carefully, in detail to be able to describe the country of Japan very honestly.



The world 10 years after the virus infection explosion that occurred in “Nagisa New Town” ─
The story of the second part will move to the main island of Japan and develop.
Japan lost almost the entire area of ​​Honshu due to a zombie disaster caused by an explosion 10 years ago.
A new capital, “Shintokyo,” has been established in Kyushu to protect people’s living areas.

The United Nations consignment organization “Solar Organization” was established to recapture Honshu from zombies.
The girl soldiers who received special training as an anti-zombie unit are called “Valcure”.

The story of the second part is told from the perspective of the two main characters involved in this “Valcure” and “Zombie”.
The story of the two is intricately intertwined and sometimes violently collides with each other, so please look forward to it.


・ Kill rate Ah (CV: Chinatsu Akasaki)
・ Sweet bite Ruka-Amagami Ruka- (CV: Ai Kakuma)
・ Sora Topika-Churiku Topika- (CV: Shiori Izawa)
・ Yufuin Bud-Yufuin Bud- (CV: Aimi Tanaka)
・ Chamusume Castle Nene Oto-Chakojo Nene- (CV: Manami Ito)
・ Parfe Obrigado-(CV: Marina Inoue)
・ Himezaki Umbrella-Kisakizaki Kasako- (CV: Sayaka Ohara)
・ Kimoriyo Senka-Komorebi Senka- (CV: Riho Sugiyama)
・ Koibana Morning Sickness-Koibana Morning Sickness- (CV: Asaki Fukuyama)
・ Hinagamimon Tamaki-Hinamikado Her Tamayura- (CV: Rinatsu Osaki)
・ Aikappu Reicher-Aikappu Reicher- (CV: Aiko Igarashi)
・ Liquid Nagi Koyori-Ekinagi Koyori- (CV: Ami Koshimizu)
・ Yuriza Garmesia- (CV: 96 cat)
・ Kishidou Coffin-Kishido Hitsugi- (CV: Hiromu Nozaki)
・ Sakazari Memai-Sakazari Memai- (CV: Sora Amamiya)



In 21XX, a highly infectious supertoxic virus spread on the artificial island “Nagisawa New Town” in Tokyo Bay.
People become zombies one after another.
Only women of a certain age survived the infection.
In a world where only the “girl” survived, the only survivor, the “boy” with memory loss, appeared.
A boy who has lost his memory and a girl who fights to survive reveal the hidden truth!
An adventure RPG of “Bishojo x Zombie” drawn by the popular writer “Prisoner”!

The in-game story is over 2.5 million characters including event scenarios!
An unexpected development that betrays the imagination of outstanding readability is waiting.


Girls fighting for their lives get infected with the virus when they are attacked by zombies.
Every time you get hurt, the degree of infection increases and you are in a dangerous state!
However, the girls show their hidden power as the infection level increases!
The player is the only one who can control the “infection degree”. Dominate the degree of infection and win the battle!


More than 30 gorgeous voice actors enthusiastically perform unique girls who confront zombies!
In the extreme world next to death, the fate of waiting for girls …
Main story character
・ Kurusuzaki Hisagi-Kurusuzaki Hisagi- (CV: Ami Koshimizu)
・ Tarugami Name Ad-Tarumina Ado- (CV: Manami Numakura)
・ Megumi Hyakuku-Megumi Mogu- (CV: Nao Toyama)
・ Sweet bite spelling-Amagami spelling- (CV: Chinatsu Akasaki)
・ Sansei Reine-Mishijima Ayane- (CV: Yukana)
・ Yachiru Hailto-Yachiru Leopard- (CV: Shiori Izawa)
・ Hachinosu Yaito-Hachinosu Yaito- (CV: Aya Endo)
・ Kuriko Himekata-Ritsuko Himekata- (CV: Sayaka Ohara)


Each girl has their own weapons, skills, and unique abilities (special abilities).
In addition to increasing the level when you gain experience points, you can rank up (evolve) when you use specific items, and your appearance will also change.
Form a party that makes the most of your abilities, win the battle and get to the heart of the story!


Weapons such as long swords, chainsaws, bows and arrows, bazookas, uniforms, lab coats, and armor such as battle suits will be created from the materials collected during the battle! The things that can be equipped by the club activities to which the girls belong are different.


If you put the item “DNA” in a girl, the girl can acquire special abilities.
There are more than 2000 combinations of DNA and girls, such as “HP recovery with a certain probability”, “10% improvement in item drop rate”, and “50% improvement in the power of infection skills”!
DNA acquired from strong enemies will be a valuable force.
Furthermore, when DNA is multiplied and “changed and fused”, new DNA may appear!


Girls are infected with the virus when they are attacked by zombies, and the more they are attacked, the higher the “infection level”.
Your body is in danger …


Players can “lower” the girl’s infection level. However, the degree of infection of other girls “increases” by the amount of the decrease.
… The act of saving a girl has to survive the fight against zombies, suffering from the immorality of endangering the girls around her.


Each girl has her own “skill (special move)”.
It is called “infection skill” because the power of the skill increases in proportion to the degree of infection.
The power is 3 stages (stages).
When you activate the skill, the infection level is reset and you can avoid “onset”, but sometimes you need high stage skill to overcome the strong enemy.
It is up to the player to avoid the risk and activate the skill immediately and chop it into small pieces, or to activate a powerful skill in exchange for the risk of “onset”.


When the girl’s infection reaches the maximum (limit), the virus “onset”.
The girl who has developed the disease loses her ego and attacks the player by stripping her fangs.
The only way to stop her attack is to hurt and defeat the girl who fought with her.


During the battle, the final blow “break” may occur !? If a break occurs, there is a chance to reverse the situation where you can defeat the remaining zombies at once!


In addition to the story quest that overcomes the battle and advances the main story, let’s challenge the limited-time quest and training quest that have various modes!


Modes where the content of the battle is different under specific conditions


Training mode where you can obtain reinforcement materials for characters and equipment


A mode in which users cooperate with each other to fight “powerful BOSS”

“Exclusive items” acquired in limited-time quests and training quests can be exchanged for special items in the “black market”!
The higher the difficulty level, the bigger the reward!


  • The game is built on the familiar adventure genre extremely attractive with the situations set.
  • This is the sequel to the previous game that has received a lot of love from players.
  • The story in season one is told thanks to the terrible spread of a virus that turns people into zombies.
  • The plot will be continued right in the second chapter with a period of 10 years later with special changes.
  • The game’s graphics will be one of the special highlights with the famous Japanese anime design style.

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