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App Name Math Studio (Paid) v2.35
Publisher NaNSolvers
Size 5.5M
Latest Version v2.35
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  • PAID/Patched
OS Android / 4.1 and up
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All in one. Step by step solution.
This app includes a lot of mathematics topics such as geometry, analytic geometry, equations and inequalities, quadratic function, linear function, linear system, circle equation, math sequences, algebra, vectors.
It also contains units calculator.

There are many math software for the Android operating system, each of which tries to provide better information and facilities to its users. You can find the best math apps for Android in the huge NulledAndroid archive. Today we are at your service with one of the most complete math applications. Math Studio is a complete and comprehensive application for performing calculations and solving mathematical problems, for the Android operating system, developed by the NaNSolvers software group and published on Google Play at a price of $3.99. This program is one of the best and most complete math applications for students, students and anyone who deals with math calculations. Supporting all the things needed in university and school is one of the great features and advantages of this program. Using this program, you can solve all kinds of equations, geometric calculations, unit conversion, etc. and even draw their graphs.

Math Studio supports users to learn more about mathematical formulas, allowing a deep search for many images describing unique geometric spaces. Simple interface harmonious colors make users feel comfortable when approaching. You can start by looking at some math formulas, memorizing them, and immediately applying them to our pre-existing problems. Besides, several options for a realistic geometry experience are also provided for you.


The geometry
Equations and inequalities
Quadratic function
Linear function
Linear system
The equation of the circle
Mathematical sequence
unit conversion (calculator)
Equilateral triangle
Right triangle
Isosceles triangle
30-60-90 triangle
The Pythagorean Theorem
Right trapezoid
Trapezoidal isolates
Regular hexagon
the equator
Regular quadrilateral
square prism
Regular pentagon
square pyramid
Triangular pyramid
The case of Thales
Triangular prism
Regular triangular prism
Regular octagon
Hexagon prism
Hexagonal pyramid
short cone
pentagonal prism
Law of sines
First and second degree
Quadratic equation
Quadratic inequality
Linear equation
Linear inequality
Equations with parameters
Standard form
vertex form
Invoice form
Discrimination from quadratic performance
real roots (zero)
vertex of the parabola
The intersection of the y axis
uniformity (increase, decrease)
Positive and negative values ​​(inequality)
Slope-intercept form
Standard form
The distance between two points
The middle line of a line segment
Line segmenter
parallel line
vertical line
The distance from a point to a line
The equation of the line passing through 2 points
Four methods for solving systems: replacement method, elimination method, diagram method, determinant method
Geometric sequence and its calculations: ratio value, first term and…
Arithmetic sequence and its calculations
greatest common denominator
Least Common Multiple (LCM)
Vector length, addition and subtraction of vectors and…
Converting different types of physical units to each other


Around the time of launch, Math Studio’s production team noted many different opinions of users about the unnecessary confusion of the system. Therefore, while rolling out the updates, they worked to correct their mistakes. A few users are satisfied with the new experience in the update. More and more, many new problems, unique solutions, and many exciting formulas about them are shared in the category of mathematics.


Math Studio’s user interface contains all of the different algebra issues that can be encountered. It is sufficient to include some lesson-related content, such as integrals, algebra, and equations, and users will be able to see their formulas in just a few seconds. In addition, for your convenience, we have included some unusual difficulties and their solutions. The search bar will display a variety of other options that are related to your question. Use the virtual keyboard to enter numbers and apply the provided formulas.


Geometry is always a mystery that is difficult to explain; many people cannot imagine the specific shape when putting images into space. Math Studio will support you better in learning and applying them. More formulas for calculating angles, sides, … have been added. Dozens of options for the shape of shapes in space the way the lines intersect are also noted. The system that allows you to learn right on the picture is provided with a virtual lead that can fill anything.


Math Studio can be used to find solutions, assist in calculating formulas, or even as a built-in calculator in any situation. Experiencing this unique area teaches users many useful lessons. The system will rectify faults and introduce new math kinds on each update occasion to give you additional possibilities. It is the correct decision to have an enjoyable learning experience with the application, and you will have happy times while studying with it.


– Triangles: equilateral triangle, right triangle, isosceles triangle, 30-60-90
– Quadrilaterals: square, rectangle, rhombus, parallelogram, trapezoid, right trapezoid, isosceles trapezoid, kite
– Polygons: regular pentagon regular hexagon, regular octagon, regular dodecagon
– circle, ellipse, annulus and annulus sector
– Solids of revolution: sphere, cylinder, cone, truncated cone, barrel, spherical sector, spherical cap, spherical wedge, spherical lune, spherical segment, spherical zone
– Prisms: cube, square prism, cuboid, triangular prism, regular triangular prism, hexagonal prism, pentagonal prism
– Pyramids: regular tetrahedron, triangular pyramid, square pyramid, hexagonal pyramid
– Others: Pythagorean theorem, Thales’ theorem, trigonometry, law of sines, law of cosines


– First and second degree
– Quadratic equation
– Quadratic inequality
– Linear equation
– Linear inequality
– Equations with parameter


– Points and lines
– Intersection point
– Distance from point
– Length of the segment
– Parallel and Perpendicular line
– Perpendicular bisector
– Axial symmetry
– Central symmetry
– Translation by a vector
– Angle between lines
– Angle bisector
– Bisector of the angle between two lines
– Value of the angle from three points
– Position of a point relative to a line
– Relative position of two lines
– Relative position of three points


– standard form
– vertex form
– factored form
– discriminant of the quadratic function
– real roots (zeros)
– vertex of a parabola
– intersection of the Y-Axis
– monotonicity (increasing, decreasing)
– positive and negative values (inequalities)


– slope-intercept form
– standard form
– distance between two points
– midpoint of a line segment
– line segment bisector
– parallel line
– perpendicular line
– distance from a point to a line
– equation of the line passing through 2 points


Four methods for solving systems:
– Substitution method
– Elimination method
– Graph method
– Method of determinants


– standard form
– general form
– tangent line to the circle


– properties of geometric progression: initial term, any mth term and nth term, ratio, sum of n terms, general formula
– properties of arithmetic progression: initial term, any mth term and nth term, difference, sum of n terms, general formula
– properties of geometric series: initial term, ratio, sum


– greatest common divisor (gcd)
– least common multiple (lcm)


– 2D and 3D
– Length of a vector
– Dot product
– Cross product
– Addition and subtraction


– Length, distance
– Mass
– Velocity
– Power
– Pressure
– Temperature
– Time
– Energy
– Data


  • The system updates new math, many complex problems or questions related to the lesson in the latest version.
  • Users can easily access many quick math exercises and formulas when accessing the application’s functional system.
  • Complete algebra exercises, record your comments on the system’s existing solutions, and quickly create new solutions.
  • Provides lessons in spatial geometry by showing the different geometries that will appear and allowing you to practice right on the shape.
  • Support many different exercises, quiet space, minor disturbance, and easier to absorb math content.

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