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Shelter 69 (Mega Menu, Unlimited Money) v1.4.16 MOD APK

  • 1. Menu
  • 4. Reward Slider x1-x50
  • 4.1. Every Chest Gives items x1-50
  • 4.2. Buy ressource(Metal/Stone) to gain x1-x50
  • 4.3. Every Achievemt gives items x1-x50
  • 4.4 Every quest Reward gives x1-x50
  • ex.: the original amount is 10 Gems. The reward you can see is 1000 Gems and you get 100 Gems.

App Name Shelter 69
Publisher nutaku
Size 143MB
Latest Version v1.4.16
MOD Info God, Weak Enemy, Money, MegaMod

What's new

  • Shelter 69 MOD APK – takes on a post-apocalyptic theme where players will develop a shelter with many rooms managed by beautiful characters. You can explore the ruined world and develop a relationship with the character you like.
  • 1. Unlimited damage 2. Unlimited defense 3. Bypass passed character 4. Instant expedition 5. Max lv shelter 6. Max lv character 7. Max lv weapon 8. Legendary character & equips 9. Zero cost
    • Free crate boxes​
    • Free upgrades​
    • No item requirements​
    • Free forges​
    • Free flirts​
    • Free enhances​
    • Instant build​
  • 10. Reward x1-100
  • 11. Max storage
    • Metals​
    • Stones​
    • Inventory equips​
    • Etc​
  • – Not everything is zero cost , stuff related to Nutaku Gold wont work​
  • – Any injected level/legendary stuff no need to always ON, its permanent after your account is saved

Hello, gamers, and welcome back to our website. And now we’re going to speak about the well-known survival game Shelter 69. This game is about surviving and staying alive in the face of nuclear annihilation. They build an underground refuge in order to survive nuclear annihilation. Players may extend the length of the subterranean refuge as they struggle to remain within and look for other hidden survivors. Aside from the exciting shelter-seeking function, another amazing component of the game is the wonderful interaction with the attractive females in the game. Making your game more enjoyable by engaging and conversing with beautiful and daring females.

Shelter 69 is building and management game in which the player must build massive bunker to withstand nuclear catastrophes on the earth. Players may greatly extend the subterranean refuge in different directions, and they can look for other survivors to manage everything within. Apart from running the shelter, the relationship with the girls is amazing and compelling, providing everyone with moments of tremendous joy and pleasure in long-term engagement with them.

After engaging with the game, the first stage for players is to build a robust and dependable shelter. Which may be applied in the long run. You must learn how to construct a shelter depending on the amount of survivors and include an operation room. The foundation structures are designed to be expandable in the event that additional refugees seek sanctuary. Continuous broadcasting systems must be sent to individuals living beyond the nuclear devastation zone. The concept of Shelter 69 is to unite more survivors in one location and learn to deal with these conditions. So, if you like games where you can rescue people and be a hero, this is the game for you.

What Exactly Is Shelter 69 Mod:

This game is centred on the idea of war, in which the whole city is under assault by nuclear weapons, and they attempt to create subterranean shelters, send messages outside, and collect as many people as possible. Then they assign them to tasks that are appropriate for them. Because of human survival instincts, job abilities inevitably improve in these conditions.

Another exciting issue is how to handle the circumstance since you know there are so many different resources you can’t create under protection. As a result, individuals are brought underground in groups and then waited for them to produce anything helpful. Those lovely ladies are the game’s booster dosage. Which have distinct but amazing personalities, and they collaborate with those females to make their tasks less difficult and more fun.

Shelter 69 Mod Has The Following Features:

  • Build subterranean shelters: Your primary goal is to construct excellent shelters for the amount of individuals who want to dwell there. You must construct a powerful and wealthy shelter from which you may create helpful things and other objects.
  • Manage the scenario: You must deal with the issue as a leader, form groups, create essential items, and do all necessary tasks.
  • Investigate a task team: You must organise individuals into groups and send them on missions to explore undergrounds in search of vital gems and items for survival.
  • Accompany gorgeous females: You must get along with pretty girls in order to discover hidden riches and amazing stories.
  • Trading for survival: Another intriguing feature of the game is the ability to exchange your stored things with other shelters. You may offer them your spare food or other handy items in exchange for anything else.

Build A Strong Foundation For Your Shelter.

The first thing players must do after arriving in Shelter 69 is to construct the infrastructure required for everything to live and grow in the long run. The shelter’s extension is totally dependent on the number of survivors within, since each chamber needs an operator for long-term functioning. The basic structures will serve as the foundation for eventual extension or upgrading, providing players with additional inspiration to create the most magnificent and lucrative shelter even on the ground.

Get More Survivalists To Help Expand The Shelter To New Heights.

Finding new survivors is totally dependent on the passive, since they must continually broadcast for people above ground to come and wait for them to enter. Accepting survivors is particularly difficult since players must prioritise survivors with the most potential while keeping the workforce steady. All survivors have a lot of surprises for players, and they may make shelter operations more fruitful and long-term growth in the long run.

Provide The Survivor With Housing And Work

The first step after taking on the survivors of Shelter 69 is to assign them occupations that correspond to their stats. Each structure or region demands different degrees of personal stats, and working for a long period in the correct atmosphere will enhance the survivor’s compassion or skill level. Sorting or personalising the list of survivors will be incredibly useful in the future and may boost the shelter’s production efficiency for a variety of new uses.

Explore The Surface For More Information Or Items

There are numerous products or resources that players cannot make in shelters, therefore they must dispatch teams to investigate the ground and hope for the best. The procedure of transporting them to the ground was hard since players had to prioritise the greatest equipment possible after the battle, when the world above was fearful and deadly. Exploration rewards are totally random, whether it’s food, weapons, or more to grow characters to perfection.

Interact With The Precious Girls While Learning The Stories

For many difficulties, the emergence of attractive females in Shelter 69 will have a significant impact on gameplay progress or user enthusiasm. Each female has several distinct traits that make her outstanding and ready to accompany the player through many trials and tribulations. Many additional possibilities will eventually become available, such as upgrades or alterations to the heart, allowing gamers to take full use of each female.

Trading For Precious Items Or Resources With Other Players

The game also includes an online component, which allows anybody to make a peaceful trade or raid other players’ shelters to obtain much more lucrative gifts. These features increase player competitiveness, yet there are several advantages to building a shelter to prepare for the worst. The interaction with other players will get denser and more essential with time, providing a fantastic chance to discover uncommon things with little resources.

Shelter 69 is a pleasant yet somewhat complicated and tactical game in which players must construct and expand their shelter to ensure long-term survival. Furthermore, the advent of additional sophisticated features enhances the gameplay, pushing everyone’s inventiveness to new heights.

Certain Features

  • Build a robust and profitable shelter to accommodate additional survivors, or expand it to uncover new potentials in creating high-quality commodities and protecting the environment.
  • Manage the survivors properly in order to keep the facilities working at full capacity without overflowing by using efficient staff.
  • Send the explore crew to the surface to locate the missing objects or other outcomes at random in order to boost the shelter’s firepower and survival potential.
  • Interact with attractive females to reveal unique tales or secret situations that will immerse gamers in limitless fulfilment and delights.
  • Trade products and priceless stuff with other shelters, or embark on a raid for sheer interest and amusement as they hoard the greatest thing via fighting.


Shelter 69 Mod APK is built on mental training and staying calm in stressful conditions. You must deal with nuclear war damage and figure out how to remain alive in these scenarios. As a result, you will learn collaboration. You must manage food resources to stay alive while underground. Then, to help you keep going, you’ll meet some lovely, brave females. Which will help you and increase your stamina. Download the most recent version of the game from our website and make sure to tell others about it if you like it.

Download Shelter 69 (Mega Menu, Unlimited Money) v1.4.16 MOD APK

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  • Read the FAQ carefully for more details.

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