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YouTube Vanced (Premium/No ADS) 18.14.41 MOD APK

Buffering  Bug FIX:

  • Open Settings>Revanced Settings>Miscellaneous> Spoof Player Parameters and enable it and restart

App Name YouTube Vanced
Publisher YouTube Vanced
Size 114MB
Latest Version 18.14.41
Get it On Google Play
MOD Info Premium/No ADS
OS Android / 4.4 and up
Rating 78445


You are all aware that the YouTube Advanced Advanced Team had to cease operations in March as a result of a request from Google. As a result, the YouTube Vanced app won’t be updated anymore. It is uncertain whether consumers will still be able to use Vanced in the upcoming year or two because Vanced will stop working if Google upgrades the YouTube API. The introduction of YouTube ReVanced, the replacement for YouTube Vanced, will allay all your concerns, though.

Given that these two programmes are not created by the same team, referring to YouTube ReVanced as a “revived” version of YouTube Vanced seems a little deceptive. ReVanced, on the other hand, has inherited nearly all of the quintessence of Vanced despite not being created by the Vanced Team. The fact that it was created thanks to the robust Android user community is the reason.

Although it has just recently arrived, YouTube ReVanced is a fantastic substitute for YouTube Vanced. It can prevent adverts, play video in the background, play picture-in-picture (PIP), play sound when the screen is off or when using another app, and is compatible with the most recent version of YouTube.
Users are also taken aback by ReVanced’s ability to run on a variety of Android gadgets, including smartphones, tablets, Android Boxes, Smart TVs, and even Android emulators.

You may watch videos that authors have made on a variety of themes with the programme Youtube Vanced. There are many themes covered, including the newest music videos, fashion, current in-game content, news, beauty, education, and more. You may take part in every aspect of making this film and share your favourite materials with users all around the world.

With the help of YouTube Vanced, you may stream videos from this well-known video site and get some extra features.

The most intriguing feature of YouTube Vanced is that it allows you to continue listening to your videos even after turning off the screen of your smartphone. In this method, it’s simple to listen to music and you can even utilise Youtube to listen to podcasts whenever you want.

The ability to disable all video advertising is another fantastic feature of YouTube Vanced. The feature is active by default, however you may always activate and disable it.

YouTube Vanced is a different YouTube client that offers a variety of features, including the ability to replay videos, disable adverts, force resolutions, and more. All of that is provided using the same interface as the original client.

YouTube has significantly impacted our life to the point where we now nearly always watch it throughout the day. From breakfast through lunch, during the hours we work and during those we relax, and so on. Because of this, Google’s YouTube app is the third-most popular Android app, after Instagram and Facebook.

Yet after using it for a while, you probably start to notice the app’s flaws. For Android users, it lacks a tonne of customising options, a practical video interface, and several other features. Because of this, many users dislike using Google’s official YouTube app.

We now get fantastic substitutes from applications like YouTube Vanced. We’ll examine this software from Team Vanced in this article. Learn why it has surpassed all other YouTube apps in popularity among Android users.


  • No root is required to install
  • There is no need to uninstall the official YouTube; an alternative YouTube may be installed.
  • operates with a Chromecast.
  • Totally innovative ad blacking technique
  • Background playback with a simple mod
  • Use the settings to enable or disable background playback
  • For better video quality and fewer bandwidth use, force the VP9 Codec option (Settings -> IYTBP Options).
  • Configure a different maximum resolution (Settings -> IYTBP Settings)
  • IYTBP Settings > Preferred Video Quality switch (WiFi/Data)
  • Video Info Cards can be enabled or disabled (Settings -> IYTBP Settings).
  • Suggestions Cards on films can be enabled or disabled (Settings -> IYTBP Options).
  • (Settings -> IYTBP Settings) Enable/disable the channel branding watermark on videos.
  • All devices have pinch to zoom enabled.
  • The full functionality of Login & Casting is made possible by modified microG. (no ads on external devices not guaranteed)


  • has a genuine AMOLED dark mode to conserve energy and avoid eye strain.
  • Videos may be played in the background or in PiP (Picture in Picture) mode as long as adblocking is enabled, and it works with Android 8.0 and higher.
  • The brightness and volume may be changed via Swipe Control, exactly like in other video players like MX Player (with configurable padding).
  • You may continually view and listen to your favourite movies and music using the auto-repeat option.
  • Neither the new mini player nor the comments section seem to be really appealing. Click to switch to the tablet version, which is similar to the previous version (slightly buggy though).


  • allows you to override codec preferences, allowing you to force VP9 or H.264 on older hardware, for example.
  • If you desire a more cinematic experience, you may force 60 fps or HDR playback to be switched off. (The locations to discover the changed device settings are XDA or our Discord channel.)
  • allows you to change the default video resolution as high or low as you’d like and override the screen resolution for crystal-clear 4K viewing on any device.
  • The range of the default playback speed is 0.25x to 2x (assuming your device is good enough)
  • You may switch between home adverts, product advertisements, UI advertisements, community posts, compact movies, removal of movie shelves, compact banners (like covid info), removal of comments, and much more!


  • An innovative method to prevent bothersome sponsor promotions (where the YouTuber puts a service or product ads in the middle of a video)
  • You may also skip intros, outros, and pleas for subscriptions and likes with this tool.
  • Use the API available here. Click the link to read more about how this API works.
  • has the choice to let you to contribute to the community and submit your sections to the API.
  • Total control over whether a sponsored segment is skipped mechanically, with a skip button shown, or not at all.
  • highlights the timeline/seek bar segments in a particular colour in accordance with their type.

Due to YouTube ReVanced’s ongoing development, issues might still exist. Moreover, there is still no full file on the project’s GitHub page. To install it, download the APK file using the link below.

Moreover, you may download MicroG to connect YouTube ReVanced with your Google account. On iOS, YouTube ReVanced is not yet accessible.


A popular entertainment site that is used by consumers all around the world, Youtube Vanced is an application. Your task is to search for and begin viewing videos if you’re seeking for one on any subject. Also, the programme will provide video suggestions and your favourite topics on the home page depending on your preferences, allowing you to quickly make a decision. Using the subscribe button on a channel you enjoy will help you acquire the most recent videos from your favourite content producers. Even the history of watched videos and other things may be reviewed.

This is a sizable video platform with tonnes of interesting content produced by individuals from across the globe. From recreational materials like music, gaming, or the dissemination of information on cuisine, education, beauty,… You may find everything by searching for the topic’s name. This application may also turn into the ideal user information site if it has strong searchability.


One of the thanks must be communicated to the user for the programme to enjoy the present level of popularity. You may easily add your original creative stuff to our open app if you want to, or you can just join as a watcher. As a result, a significant global community of video producers and consumers has grown up around the programme.


Pick up the camera, try to choose a favourite subject, and let’s start with the first videos! This will be a terrific opportunity for you to express yourself if you are a creative person who enjoys making films. You may obtain plenty of likes, subscribers, and exposure for your videos by making original films and soliciting help from your audience.


The family ecosystem will be a useful feature if everyone in your family wants to use the YouTube Vanced app. This function will enable parents to comprehend and know their child’s enthusiastic interests through the topic it searches for if connectivity is ideal. And with that, your child may enjoy an entirely age-appropriate video viewing environment thanks to the YouTube Kids app. Since before being made available to users, each film submitted on this application must pass through the producer’s exacting management processes. Provide kids access to themes that are genuinely appropriate for their whole physical and psychological development.


Users of this software may access all the features of the official YouTube app from Google, just as those on the original version. It does, however, have a more streamlined and compact interface. For the majority of Android users, this makes for more practical experiences.

Most significantly, the software does away with all the obnoxious commercials, boring video interface, and other features that consumers dislike about the official version. As a result, it gives users complete access to all the capabilities they need to really control their YouTube app.


While YouTube Vanced is built on the official YouTube app, it works with the majority of Android devices now available. Also, the software works on both non-Rooted and Rooted smartphones. Just download and install the APK file from their website to get started.

Be sure to download the Micro G file as well, which can be found on the app’s official website. To use YouTube Vanced, you’ll need to be able to log into your account. The only thing left to do is launch the app and begin enjoying after the setup is complete.


To start, the software enables users to view their preferred films on their Android devices while engaging in other activities. When this is turned on, you may make a floating window that shows the information from your videos. As a result, you may continue to watch YouTube videos while using the internet or making significant notes.


The creators of YouTube Vanced kept all the practical features that the majority of people like because it is designed in accordance with the original version. Because of this, using this will still give you access to all the functionality of your official YouTube app. It even has interfaces that are identical to those in the official version. As a result, if they have previously used the official YouTube app, new users will find the app to be rather simple to use.


Also, users may watch music videos on YouTube in the background while engaging in other phone activities without opening the YouTube app. In actuality, you may turn off the displays of your cellphones and still be able to hear the music. For individuals who frequently listen to music on their YouTube app, this is quite helpful.


The most essential feature of YouTube Vanced is that it enables users to securely eliminate all the intrusive adverts that constantly appear while they are watching their videos. As a result, you may watch videos continuously and without interruption from annoying advertising. And you may still decide to view adverts on videos from particular channels if you wish to support them.


Users may change the video resolutions when watching videos on the YouTube Vanced app to fit their displays. That’s not all, though. Even better, you may change the maximum resolution of your videos to one that is compatible with your phone. As you’ll be able to make use of the larger screen, these features will prove to be quite useful for handsets with the new 18:9 screen ratio.


The app also features an easy-to-use swipe controls mechanism that enables users to instantly change specific aspects of the films to increase their interest. As a result, you may adjust the brightness and volume by swiping your fingers up and down on the screen’s two edges. As you won’t need to touch the physical controls, this guarantees a continuous video experience.


Also, YouTube Vanced’s developers have made the changeable theme option available so that users can get even more enjoyment out of their YouTube app. Here, you may quickly choose between the Black, Dark, and White themes. The Black and Dark themes are the way to go if you want something to calm the eyes. We advise going with the White theme, though, if you wish to safeguard your eyes. You are free to select the one that best suits your tastes.


Users of YouTube Vanced may zoom in and out of their videos while viewing them on Android-powered smartphones. This is quite helpful if you’re attempting to extract specific information from a movie. In low-resolution videos, though, this won’t work because you won’t be able to see anything.


The option to auto-repeat movies is another feature that makes this software so popular. Users may select to rewatch their favourite videos whenever they wish thanks to YouTube Vanced. This enables you to repeatedly play your favourite playlist or MV without having to adjust anything.


Last but not least, the creators of YouTube Vanced additionally provide the Android platform’s configurable playing speed option. With this, you can quickly change the pace at which your films plays, making for a lot of fun and excitement.


We are really appreciative to Team Vanced’s creator for maintaining the app’s free nature. It’s astonishing to learn that they still won’t charge a dime for it despite having all those incredible features. As a result, if you enjoy the app, please tell your friends about it or support the creators by making a donation.


  • Advertising are a crucial component of financing online publications and artists, yet it is reasonable that many people don’t want to see them on YouTube.
  • There are built-in adblocking settings in Vanced. To make it work the way you want it to, you may adjust the settings.
  • Both YouTube Premium and Vanced allow for the background playback of videos (outside of the YouTube app).
  • Vanced could compel HDR compatibility even if not all phones have it in the YouTube app.
  • High Dynamic Range, or HDR, is a technology that might significantly improve video quality.
  • You may watch videos in resolutions that would normally be blocked by your device with this feature.
  • With phones with higher aspect ratios, like the Samsung Galaxy S9, pinch to zoom in on a video so it fills the whole display.
  • On every device with any aspect ratio, you can achieve this with Vanced.
  • Everyone like themes, and Vance offers a variety for you to choose from.
  • Despite the absence of a dark theme in the official YouTube app, Vanced provides dark, black, and a few more colour options.
  • The colour scheme is always white.
  • Picture-in-picture mode is supported by Vanced and the official app if you have an Android Oreo smartphone.
  • After reducing a video, a new YouTube video window will emerge. If you don’t like it, you may deactivate it.
  • At Vanced, you may choose between the modern and traditional styles.
  • This feature enables you to restart a finished video after it has stopped playing.
  • Although it works well with music videos, it may be applied to any video.
  • Choose a video you enjoy and keep watching it.
  • The system will remember your selections for all next videos after you select the video resolution and playing speed.
  • It’s simple to adjust the volume and brightness while watching a movie, especially if it’s in full screen mode, thanks to swipe controls.


  • First install Vanced MicroG
  • Then install YouTube ReVanced
  • Open YouTube ReVanced
  • Log In to your Account

Download YouTube Vanced (Premium/No ADS) 18.14.41 MOD APK

Download (114MB)

You are now ready to download YouTube Vanced for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please read our MOD Info and installation instructions carefully for the game & app to work properly
  • To prevent users from installing apk files from outside, Google Play has now added a warning when installing apks & mods. PlayProtect will tell you the file is harmful. Simply, just click “Install anyway (unsafe)”.
  • Downloading via 3rd party software like IDM, ADM (Direct link) is currently blocked for abuse reasons.
  • Read the FAQ carefully for more details.

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